Multi Function Printers That Can Benefit Your Office

Printers In Demand: Multi-Function Printers To Benefit Your Office

From computers, phones, to printers, getting the right equipment is crucial in making sure that your workplace runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Aside from finding an authorized and trusted dealer, it’s also important to know how specific equipment can benefit your business.

Such information will help you better choose the right options for your specific needs. In doing so, you can save time and money when it comes to updating or upgrading your office. Below, we’ll take a closer look at multi-function printers and their benefits when it comes to improving office efficiency.

Black and White

Small or home-based offices will find a monochrome multifunction printer as the first and easy choice for their needs. There is a need for growing businesses to cut and save costs, which is why a reliable black and white printer would be the best choice for them. A multifunction printer will allow you to print, scan, and even send faxes at the same time.

Black and white multifunction printers such as the Konica Minolta bizhub 458e are reliable multifunction machines that can scan and print and have the capability to handle large printing jobs in a short amount of time. This type of printer also supports mixed media production which means that it can staple, fold, and put together documents in a more presentable way.


Businesses handling a lot of visually demanding documents and other productions will do best with a color multifunction printer. Aside from being able to produce colorful and visually-appealing outputs, getting a colored multifunction machine is far more cost-efficient. Once you move past a small operation, you’ll likely run into the need for color printing. This is why small and medium-sized businesses will find plenty of uses for this equipment and will find a great multi-function colored printer to be a valuable investment as a business or operation grows.

Given how much the times have evolved and how it had taken machines along with it, multifunction printers must also have other advantages. The Konica Minolta bizhub C659 increases productivity through dual scanning capabilities, mobile connectivity support, and easy configuration settings. Although it requires a slightly higher investment, it’s a worthwhile one which can handle massive colored prints quickly.


Even big businesses don’t always have a ton of office space. If this is the case for your business, a compact multifunction printer is what you need. These types of printers aren’t only smaller in terms of size, but also require less maintenance and have lower costs as well. In terms of usability, a good compact multifunction printer provides good user-friendliness despite having most of its functions combined together in a smaller and more compact body.

Nevertheless, these machines are equally as powerful and packed with many other functions to benefit your business. The Konica Minolta bizhub c3351 is a small but mighty machine guaranteed to increase document management productivity in any environment.

The Right Choice For You

We understand that it can be difficult to find the machine that best suits your needs. Choosing among a wide variety of Konica Minolta multifunction printers can be challenging. However, you can be certain that all deliver high levels of efficiency, productivity, data security, and the ability to connect with the latest office technologies today.

For a more diverse and flexible business, getting print solutions might be a better option. For an office upgrading to a better multi-function printer, it’s definitely confusing. Allow Caltronics to assist you and help you choose the right one for your business.



Why Your Printing Business Needs A Wide Press Machine

Expanding services, products, or other offerings might seem like an expensive option for growing businesses. However, if you do your research, investing in new things can bring in great returns in a short amount of time. One way for printing and print-related businesses to expand is to invest in bigger and better machines. One good example of which is a wide format printer or a wide press.

There are three major ways a wide press can help you not expand and grow your business

Let’s go into them one by one.

Flexibility and Efficiency

A new and updated wide printing press will reduce overall production time. This will not only benefit your employees but will also allow you to cut other production costs such as electricity, manpower, etc., It’s always tempting to continue with your “trusty” old machine, but take a minute to consider what issues you’ve had with your older product recently. Outdated printers can also cause issues that we usually ignore, such as:

  • paper jams
  • low-quality scans
  • inaccurate colors and sizes
  • poor quality printouts

These small but recurring issues are signs that it might be time to upgrade your printing press. Getting the latest wide format printing machines can help you address these technical issues that you may have been experiencing.

While they are mostly fixable, the costs of fixing and maintenance may already be enough to get a new machine. Take some time to reevaluate these small expenses and consider getting a new wide press machine.

Improved Sales and Income

Any knowledgeable businessman knows how to look for new ways to increase their business income. By getting an updated and high-quality wide press machine, you can start accepting more orders, which is a great way to elevate your business through faster delivery time. A new wide press will also produce better-looking outputs and products. Altogether, these factors can influence your business positively among your customers or clients.

A greater impression of your products and services can improve customer feedback and help increase the income of your business. You will be getting your huge investment covered in no time and start seeing improvements and better numbers in your sales reports.

Better Business Opportunities

Being able to produce more types of printed materials could really bring your business to a whole new level. Offering more will attract new customers that may have overlooked you before, bringing you new customers and better business potential.

You can also start coming up with ways to maximize a wide press such as:

  • create a variety of print-related products
  • bundle together services and offerings in packages
  • offer special discounts or offers to old customers
  • provide free samples

Getting a machine like the HP PAGEWIDE WEB PRESS T200 HD COLOR SERIES is a good way to start. It’s a versatile and high-tech machine with a broad range of applications that will surely help you do more with uncompromised quality. See more of Caltronic’s catalog of wide format machines or contact us at 800-775-9545 for more information.


Tips on Document Management

Making Document Management Fun and Easy

Document Management is organizing, storing, and tracking electric documents. In simpler terms, it is managing information from paper in a way that makes it easy to access on a computer.

Why Bother With Document Management?

Despite offices becoming more and more digital, documents hard copies are often still important, but they aren’t ideal for work collaboration. A lot of people now rely on online communications despite being in the same office or floor. This creates a higher possibility of misunderstandings or miscommunications regardless of the business.

Keeping documents at the ready can save operations from that. Troubles with communication can cost a business time and resources. A great document management system will outline the proper storage procedures for hard copies as well as for their electronics counterparts.

Here’s how to get started:

Create A System

Getting started can be a bit overwhelming, especially if your files are scattered all over the place. Start by organizing everything little by little.

Once you’ve done that, devise a system. Create a plan to manage them that works for you the best. You can use a sticker system, a folder system, or any system that will work. When saving documents electronically, it helps to have a standard naming system so you can easily search for the documents later.

Change and Improve That System

Allow your system to evolve. Always think of ways you can do your job in a faster and more efficient way. By doing so, you will save yourself a lot of time.

Handle Documents Like Gold

In business, documents are so important. You never know when you will need to reference something again, and when that time comes, you want to be able to find what you need without launching a massive search. When storing documents, whether they are hard or electronic copies, be sure you are thinking ahead so that the documents will be easy to find and in perfect condition when you next look for them.

Take Things A Step Further

When creating digital copies of documents, it’s important that they’re  clear, legible, and ready for reproduction. Getting a quality printer and scanner will let you do exactly that. Choose from HP’s catalog of office equipment and get one for your business today.

Printing Quality Stickers For Your Business

How to Print Great Stickers for Your Business

There’s no doubt that a business must be efficient at all times. To increase the productivity of your business, you must organize your daily operations. There are a lot of ways to do it. From improving your workspace to being on top of things. It can be as simple as knowing where things are and avoiding cluttered desks and storage. Office equipment, especially the ones carried outside the office can also use a label to prevent misplacing or losing them.  One way to avoid this is to use stickers.

Aside from in-office use, you can also use stickers for your business. You can use it on your products, promotions, and even as giveaways to your customers and clients. Great stickers can help increase recognition for your business as well.

However, simply printing out stickers isn’t enough. They will have to have look great and be high quality. Here’s how you can print great stickers for your office or business.

Choose the right printing material

Print your stickers on a material that will not fade easily. Choosing where to print your stickers is also important. By using strong or sturdy materials, you’ll avoid issues with fading or insufficient stickiness. Missing stickers or labels can defeat your purpose of using them to organize in the first place.

This is why you will need to consider where you will be putting the stickers before printing them. Are they for use inside the office? You can use a strong paper material. For travel? Use an extra thick vinyl. For outdoor equipment? Consider waterproof and materials resistant to scratching and fading. For your products? Use a material with a strong adhesive. This will avoid people from tampering with your products to distribute or sell them in an illegal way.

These are only a few of the things you will need to take note of when choosing a sticker material. They will have to be of high quality, durable, and completely serve your need for the sticker.

Use a high-quality printer

Using the proper equipment is as important as choosing a quality material. A quality sticker material is useless if the print fades fast. To avoid this, you will have to use a quality printer. A great printer will allow you to print detailed stickers for your business. If you have an intricate design with bright or solid colors, you will find a good printer as a good investment. When printing stickers (or anything), it is important to bring out your logo or image in the best way possible.

For businesses with growing operations, you can choose from wide variety of printers from Konica Minoltas’s product catalogue. Find what you need from a selection of office printers and multifunction digital press equipment for bigger operations. HP Office also has a variety of office printers to choose from. You can pick one depending on your budget, needs, and other purposes it may serve.

For any office or business, planning to print great stickers might seem like a straightforward task. However, how we do these small tasks can greatly affect the entire business. When it comes to choosing an office or business printer, you can checkout Caltronics’ catalogue of products and services. Contact us today at 800-775-9545 and learn the best choice for your business!

Everything you need to know about digital press

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Press Machines

Anybody who works in a printing-related business knows there is still a demand for printed outputs. There are also businesses who heavily rely on printed outputs to be sold or distributed for marketing or sales purposes. The paperless trend is not killing print which is why getting a good, high-quality printer is still guaranteed to help your business. Of course, if you’re going to create printed materials, you want them to look great – which is why you should consider a digital press.

It’s important for any individual or business to know how a digital press could make all the difference. Below, we’ve listed everything you need to know about a digital press and why you should get one.

Copy Machine Upgrade

Think of it as a better, and all-purpose version of the usual copier and scanner machines. There’s no need to get separate machines for different purposes anymore that take up a lot of space. A digital press can do both and more. It’s an all-in-one machine that’s more cost-effective and efficient for any type of business or operation.

Fast and Convenient

A digital press can print as many as 136 pages per minute or 7,490 pages(A4) per hour. This boosts productivity and saves a lot of production time. Less time spent on each batch means more time to move onto other projects. Having weak and slow production could do your business harm instead of finishing a lot of print orders. Aside from its speed, a digital press is generally much easier to understand and use, allowing you to finish production right away.

Better Printing and Scanning

A lot of people take a good scanner for granted. Without a good scanner, the need to edit a document for printing arises. Not a lot of businesses can dedicate someone to do this task. A quality scanner lessens the need for additional manpower. Most digital press machines nowadays also offer advanced color printing options which allow true to copy and high-quality printouts.

It’s a Good Investment

A digital press is built on a more advanced technology that not only allows fast production. You can guarantee that it will last longer and has less possibility of malfunctioning and breaking. It’s a sturdy and powerful machine that can serve you for a long period of time. You get a better value for your money and bigger business potential.

The Best Digital Press Machines

Choosing one that’s fit for you or your business can be difficult. Whether your business is just starting out or you’re someone who’s already running massive operations, you’ll definitely find one that’s perfect for you. Konica Minolta has a range of digital press commercial printers to suit every need and even budget. Check out Caltronics’ catalog of digital press machines right now. You may also reach out to us and let us assist in choosing the best choice for you.

creative ways to use printables for business

Creative Ways to Use Printables for Business

Print can be an effective tool to take your business to the next level. Let’s face it, work can be hard and running a business can be much harder. With the right tools and materials to help us, we can improve our business the fun and easy way. Here are five creative ways to use printables at work.

Work Day Planner

Sometimes work can get chaotic. On other days, you become disorganized. A great looking paper planner can help you things get in order. Paper planners are easy to find and make. Plus, you can personalize their design and print them out just how you want them. You can stick them to your cubicle wall so they’re the first thing you see when you start work.

Holiday Cards

Holiday parties and special events are perfect opportunities to make new business connections and build stronger relationships with clients. Instead of sending another greeting or invitation by email, take the traditional route by sending personalized cards via snail mail. Besides a personal note, you might want to send well wishes for their families too.

Business Cards

We already know that high-quality marketing materials can make a world of difference on how our customers perceive our brand. Your business cards are a great way to communicate your contact information and leave a good first impression of your business. There’s a multitude of business card templates on the internet you can customize to your liking. Alternatively, you can design one from scratch.


Literally make your brand stick with branded stickers. Because stickers are super versatile, you can use them in different ways to increase your brand recognition. You can produce and distribute bumper stickers to any car owners who will take them. You can also use well-designed stickers on your packaging not only to set it apart but also to make it look more upscale.

Office Wall Art

Your office isn’t just a place for running daily business operation. It is also a place to show off what your business is capable of. One of the best methods to wow your clients and investors is through visually appealing office décor. You can hang your company’s motto on the wall or frame an inspirational quote and place it in the reception area.

There you go – five types of printables that can help grow your business. Remember that a large part of making your printables effective is to produce them in the highest quality possible, which you can only do when you have a high-quality printer to back you up.

What Caltronics has to offer

Caltronics provides an array of printing solutions for your printing needs. Check out Konica Minolta’s product catalog or HP office equipment to find out which printer fits your needs and budget.

For small businesses, Konica Minolta bizhub C3110 can deliver color power as close as your desktop. For high-speed 3D printing with maximum definition at maximum volume, the ProJet 3500 HDMax offers unsurpassed value and performance. If you need to print materials in a wide-format, the HP Designjet T1200 is the right machine for you.

If you need any assistance, contact us at 800-775-9545.

how to improve your printed marketing materials

How to Improve Your Printed Marketing Materials

Great marketing comprises a combination of both print and digital communication. And, every business requires printed marketing materials that can represent its brand positively. Although a lot of marketing is taking place in the digital world nowadays, print is still powerful. In fact, customers view print materials as a time out from the constant digital updates. In today’s post, let’s talk about how you can make your printed marketing materials more effective.

Hire a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can take your ideas and make them into something great. They are trained to create marketing collateral – such as brochures, flyers and posters – that will reflect your brand story while ensuring a clean and professional look. Find a graphic designer who can understand what you are trying to achieve for your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.

Use Great Visuals

Do you want to include your profile photo on your business cards? Maybe you want to add a group shot in your banner. Don’t settle for bad stock photos. An image that conveys quality will attract customers that value quality.  Whatever type of images you intend to use, it pays to have them professionally taken.

Go Beyond Paper

Print marketing is more than just brochures and leaflets. Large format printing is a great way to get your customers’ attention. You can use large format printing to decorate your walls or for pop-up stands. Besides this format, you can take your print marketing to the next level by printing on items like coffee mugs and magnets.

Use Top Quality Materials

The quality of the ink, the weight and texture of the paper, and the type of packaging can greatly affect the outcome of your printed materials. When it comes to your printed marketing materials, appearance matters, and you should look as professional as you are.

Invest in a Quality Printer

Well-designed printed materials leave a first good impression to anyone who comes across your business. With a high quality printer, you can achieve that. Printers with high printing capacity, an array of photo printing options and features that allow to print more complicated things – like brochures and catalogs – can make a world of difference on how your clients perceive your brand.

Getting managed print services is another great option that could help you present stunning printed marketing materials. With Caltronics Managed Print Services, your print environment and workplace operate smoothly. As a result, you save time and money and eliminate stress. Get in touch to know more.