Employee Feature: Roya Ornelas

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This is Roya Ornelas, one of our amazing dispatchers at Caltronics. When you work with Caltronics, our dispatch team will help you with any questions or issues that arise. We are proud to have a fantastic team of dispatchers and will be highlighting these wonderful customer service professionals on our blog over the coming weeks.

Roya shared this description of herself and her team: “As dispatchers, our goal is to assist all customers and employees that reach out to us with the upmost speed, efficiency and customer service. We pride ourselves on being the voice of the company and we take our jobs very seriously, because our job is the foundation of Caltronics. If you’re ever in need, just remember one of us will always be a phone call, email or click away!”

Learn more about Roya, both professionally and personally, in this profile:

Work Life
1. What does “Customer Service” mean to you?
Customer service is the foundation for any great company. It’s how you treat the customers and make them feel comfortable and taken care of in the services you provide them. It’s taking the extra step, every time, for every customer that relies on you.

2. What is your favorite part of working for Caltronics?
I’ve always loved how fun and comfortable it is working with Caltronics. Even though we are such a large company, we all know each other and have communication and relations within departments. You can’t promise the best experience to customers if there isn’t one within the company – and Caltronics definitely offers that for experience for ,both, employees as well as customers.

3. In three words, what sums up the life & work of a dispatcher?
Never-ending ~ fun ~ rewarding

Personal Life
1. What are your favorite things to do outside of work?
I love more than anything to spend time with my family. I have a nine-month-old son named Gunner and my husband and I are now expecting a baby girl in October. My favorite thing to do is play with my son, or chase him for hours around the house. My life revolves around my son and my family and when I am not working,  I love nothing more than to be with them.


2. How do you like to spend your weekends?
Weekends are for fun & relaxing! Saturdays are spent with my son and seeing our friends or family and running errands, then we always have a movie night at home together. Then Sunday my entire family gets together for Sunday lunch and the rest the day is spent doing household chores & relaxing at home with our little guy. 954770_10200257795834159_1496635201_n


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