Employee Feature: Danielle Burgin


If you follow us on Facebook, you may have caught the birth announcement of the beautiful baby pictured below. Today we’re excited to introduce you her mom, Danielle Burgin. Danielle is the Customer Service Manager of our dispatchers, the team of customer service professionals at Caltronics. If you ever contact us with a question or issue, our dispatch team is quick to help you as efficiently as possible.


Layla Nicole Burgin, born Tuesday, August 20 at 8lbs 5oz, 20 inches long

Learn more about Danielle below:

Work Life

1. What does “Customer Service” mean to you?

To me, Customer Service means providing exceptional service to each and every customer you come in contact with. Its going above and beyond to provide them with friendly and efficient service and treating them exactly as you would hope to be treated. There is no better feeling than to leave a conversation with a customer who was upset when they called you but left the conversation completely happy and satisfied.

2. What is your favorite part of working for Caltronics?

My favorite part of working for Caltronics is the people. There are so many amazing employees that work for the company that it makes for a fun work environment and it makes me look forward to coming to “Work” everyday 🙂

3. In three words, what sums up the life & work of a dispatcher?

Busy, Fun, Rewarding

Personal Life


1. How do you like to spend your weekends?

My favorite thing to do on weekends is to spend time with my family. My husband and I have an amazing 4 year old boy that is the center of our universe and a little girl expected to be here any day now. We love doing everything from going to breakfast at the Waffle Barn (best waffles in Roseville btw) to going on road trips to Santa Cruz or Monterey. We love the beach! When the hubby and I get some time alone we like to go wine tasting in Napa.



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