Review Caltronics’ Services


“I am glad we made the switch! Delivery and setup up went smoothly and training on the new machine was the best I have seen. We went with the C554e, the scanning speed is awesome and the quality is perfect! Highly recommend!”
-Richard Keith, 5 stars via Google+

At Caltronics, customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our success.  We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service through our customer service team and dispatcher team. Getting feedback from our customers helps us improve our ability to provide the best service possible.

One of the easiest ways to give us feedback is by writing a review of our services on a site such as YelpGoogle+, or Yellow Pages. We have pages for each of our locations on these services, so leave a comment if you can’t locate a particular location on a review site and we’ll send you a link.

We value all feedback and really appreciate the time our customers take to share their experiences with us and others via reviews. In return, we promise to read each and every review and take all of the feedback into consideration.


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