Konica Minolta Bizhub C554E

imagesOne of our leading technologies here at Caltronics is our Bizhub C554E.  It is known for its high-speed and high-volume print/copy output.  This machine can hold 6,650 pieces of printing paper, and is equipped with a standard dual scanning setting to handle 160 originals per minute, which allow for time and space maximization in any business.

It’s features include both black and white, and color printing, an enhanced INFO-palette design with a multi-touch interface, and downloadable apps that improve productivity and help customize your Bizhub on a large 9” display screen.  On top of that, this low cost operation optimizes your business necessities and power consumption with an on-screen eco-indicator.

We understand how busy work can get at the office, and that is why the Bizhub C554E was created.  It’s special features allow you to save time and money, while you continue your regular work day.

To find out more about the Bizhub C554E and our many other leading technologies, visit the Caltronics website or contact our location nearest you.



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