Minolta bizhub 501

When design matters, Caltronics proudly offers the Minolta bizhub 501. Powerful, high-volume productivity has never looked so good – in your office, and on your bottom line. Sleek styling, small footprint and 360° access save space, speed your workflow, and with cords hidden out of sight, it can be set up in the center of your office for quick access from any angle. With 50 pages per minute print/copy output and a monthly duty cycle up to 175,000 impressions – you’ll have a scaleable solution for any-size business.

Key Features:

  • 50 ppm in high-resolution B&W
  • 175,000 page monthly volume
  • 5,650-sheet maximum paper capacity
  • Flexible scanning to multiple destinations

Online file management and support for WebDAV make it easier to manage files and folders on your web server, identify authors and dates of web pages, lock documents and track file revisions. IPv6 dramatically increases IP addressing power and gives every networked bizhub device its own IP address to facilitate communication and improve security.

The bizhub 501 lets you scan documents at up to 70 originals per minute – more than a page every second. PDF formatting reduces file size to
make documents faster to send and receive. You can load a maximum capacity of 5,650-sheets for longer uninterrupted print/copy runs.

For all-in-one functionality, the FK-502 Super G3 fax option provides direct faxing from your PC, IP Address fax capability, TSI routing, 2,000-location address book, broadcasting and program dialing.

The Minolta bizhub 501 is the epitome of high productivity design. Design that transforms your workflow. Powers your printing. Speeds your output. Controls your distribution. Expands your reach. Enhances your security and grows your business.

To find out more about the bizhub 501 and our many other leading technologies, visit the Caltronics website and browse our product catalog. You can also contact our office in your area and we’ll help you find what you need to save your business money and time on printing.


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