Konica Minolta Sponsors “CNN Heroes” Campaign Again

CNN Heroes award ceremony 2013 Photo Credit: EDWARD M, PIO RODA/CNN"

CNN Heroes award ceremony 2013 – Photo Credit: EDWARD M, PIO RODA/CNN”

Konica Minolta, Inc. (for whom Caltronics is a proud reseller) recently announced that the company will sponsor the “CNN Heroes” project by CNN for the second year in a row, from October through December 2014.

In its eighth year “CNN Heroes” sheds light on everybody heroes with extraordinary achievement in the fields such as environment or human rights and lets the world know how an individual can make a difference to society.

In order to achieve further growth as a global company, Konica Minolta has been intensifying its focus on fulfilling its responsibilities to society. The company participates in the UN Global Compact and seeks to fulfill its diverse social responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and corruption prevention and has gained a positive reputation in the international community. Initiatives of “CNN Heroes” align with Konica Minolta’s socially responsible management vision.

Click here to read the complete press release.


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