Learn about our Certified Remanufactured Copiers

As you may know, Caltronics is one of the nation’s largest independent copier dealers and the largest Konica Minolta dealer in California, but did you know we also offer certified remanufactured copiers?

All of our Konica Minolta remanufactured equipment is purchased new and maintained under a full service contract by a Certified Technician from the day it was installed, so you can rest assured that there is a clear and documented history for your purchased copier.

We have access to over 400+ machines to choose from each month and select only the best-of-the-best units to remanufacture. Each machine is disassembled, cleaned and all necessary components are replaced and fully inspected before being released for sale. Caltronics ensures that in this process, all components are inspected, cleaned, andphoto 2 replaced including:

  • Paper Feed Trays
  • Print Controller
  • Drum/Image Units
  • Fuser Unit
  • Finisher
  • Drive/Electrical
  • Automatic Document Feeder
  • Automatic Duplexing Unit
  • Exterior Panels/Handles/Trays

Then, our dedicated technicians give all remanufactured copiers a comprehensive stress test on the Main Body, Finisher, Stapler, Punch Kit and Fold Unit.

Additionally, we provide a few conveniences that set us apart from other authorized copier dealers in the area, such as:

photo 1

  • Reset Service Mode, Administrator and User Mode Settings
  • Test the Print Controller/Fiery via LAN
  • Verify and update Firmware levels
  • Reformat Hard Drives
  • Initialize and test Fax Board
  • Confirm installation of vCare
  • Verify copy quality


The Caltronics Certification Process is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction, including a 39-month Unconditional Replacement Guarantee from date of installation. If you are dissatisfied with your machine in any way, we will replace it–No Questions Asked!

To learn more about how our products and services can help your business succeed, contact your local Caltronics office here or take a look at other solutions and services we provide on our website.


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