A Year In Review


It’s no shock that people are the most important resource in the workplace. As we look back on a great year at Caltronics, we have to admit: we couldn’t have experienced this level of success without our amazing staff.

At Caltronics, our employees make the difference because we only hire the most tenured sales and support staff in California. We know that in a highly competitive arena, there are few things that can separate you from your adversaries. We’re happy to say we have not only the friendliest staff you can imagine, but a staff that continues to produce an impressive quality of work that excite our clients and keeps our retention numbers soaring.

For seven years running, we have been awarded “Top 50 Dealers” in the United States for customer service and support by OfficeDealer Magazine. In addition, we have been the # 1 Western Region Konica dealer for 21 years!

It is with full hearts (and bellies!) that we say THANK YOU to our amazing staff for all that you do! We look forward to an even better year in 2015 and are grateful you have chosen to work for Caltronics Business Services.

A special thanks to Zinfandel Grille on Fair Oaks for hosting our Staff Christmas party! We had a great time!



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