Top 8 Reasons you Should Switch to Konica Minolta

konica minolta


Konica Minolta offers a wide variety of business solutions for just about anything that involves document printing, scanning, sending, etc. At Caltronics Business Systems, we are certified operators of Konica Minolta products because they ensure your business will have the best efficiency out there. Below are eight reasons why.

  1. Solutions for every industry. Konica Minolta doesn’t do one-size fits all solutions; they offer specialized services for a variety of businesses, including those in the education, legal, government, and healthcare sectors.
  2. Top-tier products. Not only does Konica Minolta have a range of products, but they are also some of the best and most advanced in the industry.
  3. Full-services office systems. With Konica Minolta’s Office Systems, you are ensured to have the most efficient workflow. Including plenty of options to personalize to your business, you can get the right printer, scanner, and copier setup for your workplace.
  4. Desktop printers and scanners for offices of any size. If you are looking for small-scale or economical print solutions, Konica Minolta has you covered as well. The selection at Konica Minolta lets you print what you need while reducing waste and unnecessary cost.
  5. Wide format printing for advertising and other uses. Need to make large sized prints or scans? Konica Minolta has LED and Inkjet printers available for you, along with other wide format solutions. This will help you save time and resources printing large-format documents outside of the office.
  6. Free bizhub MarketPlace apps for your MFP control panel. With bizhub apps, you can increase your office’s productivity and usability even more. There are plenty of useful free apps including Announcements, Connector for Evernote and Finance, and apps to help decrease your environmental impact.
  7. Plenty more bizhub MarketPlace apps that can improve your security and productivity. With the simple-to-use MarketPlace, connect to OnBase, see your security status on the control panel with bizhub SECURE Notifier, get Kno2fax if you’re in the healthcare industry, and much more.
  8. Efficient and caring customer service. Last, but certainly not least, Konica Minolta customers can be assured that they will get great customer service from day one onward. They offer six unique customer care centers that can give specialized expert service regarding issues you may have, and Konica Minolta also offers online self-help support.

We can help your business seamlessly transition to Konica Minolta products. Give us a call today for more details.



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