4 Printer Problems a Bizhub Can Solve



4 Printer ProblemsIf you work in an office or own a business with old or shoddy printers, chances are you could very easily rattle off a big list of printer problems you experience often. Konica Minolta’s BizHub series of printers is leading the industry in ways to solve the many printing issues that can plague an office environment. These printers will stop the productivity delays and wasted money that other printers cause. Below are four problems that switching to BizHub can immediately solve for your office.

  1. Losing money on outdated technology. An inefficient printer can cause many issues that lead to your business losing money. Printers are essential to your office regardless of the type of business, so why stick with an old printer that breaks down when you try to print 10 pages? BizHub printers, outfitted with high-tech improvements on the inside and out, will remove the frustration caused by old printers.
  2. Excessive worrying about printing. If you have an ordinary printer, you probably have experienced issues when trying to do large print jobs, such as paper misfiring, constantly needing to refill the paper tray, or overheating. BizHub printers are equipped with the best technology to ensure that any-sized print job is completed quickly and without error. Even some of the most compact of the BizHub line has a maximum paper capacity of 850 sheets, letting employees be more productive without worrying whether their print job is going to stop half-way through.
  3. High impact on the environment. BizHub printers come out of the box with solutions to ensure that your office is green-friendly through better and more efficient equipment and printing. Many printers are even made with recycled materials. Less energy and resource consumption not only helps the environment, but it also helps you save money.
  4. Lack of cohesion with technology. With BizHub, you can eliminate onerous tasks and difficulties with communication by using BizHub Connector. With BizHub Connector, you can take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint, Google, or Evernote for a more efficient and safe environment to keep documents. This service allows you to scan directly to cloud services on users’ computers, print from your cloud service, and utilize security options to keep all of your documents safe.



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