7 Office Hacks to make Your Day Easier

Working in an office can become monotonous and unproductive if you’re not careful. Whether you work in an office with plenty of collaboration or one where you focus on solitary tasks, there are ways for you to make your work day easier. Not only will the day be easier on you, but your productivity will increase as well, making everyone happier. Below are the top seven tips to make this happen.


  1. Utilize your fellow coworkers. Perhaps one coworker has experience with fixing paper jams. Another might be good at recovering lost files. Another could be the network whiz who can keep you from calling IT. Knowing these strengths will make every work day easier and increase collaboration and camaraderie in the office.
  2. Have surplus resources easily available. By ensuring that you have a printer that alerts you to low toner levels before you run out, you can prevent projects from getting off-track with delays.
  3. Use organization tools. A cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind. Invest in some simple filing folders, supply organizers, and anything else that can keep everything organized and streamlined.
  4. Invest in white boards. White boards are great for organizing ideas and getting tasks done both on an individual and collaborative level. Investing in some of these will make work tasks a lot more manageable.
  5. Master the thermostat. The thermostat can be a secret office-production killer. Research suggests that the best temperature for productivity is the low-70s. Any higher than 74 and you will feel uncomfortably warm, and any lower than 71 and you might be lulled into sleep.
  6. Improve your chair posture. You should be as comfortable as possible in the place where you’ll be spending most of your work day. If you can’t get your company to invest in new chairs, try finding your own fixes like back pillows. Any improvement in posture can help make your day more comfortable and improve your work.
  7. Have snacks and water. If your basic hunger and thirst needs aren’t met, you aren’t going to work your best. Keep a bowl of almonds or peanut M&Ms (either for the office or your own personal stash) and make sure the office is stocked with cold water. Your mind will thank you.

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