How to Remove a Paper Jam on Your Konica Minolta Bizhub

Just reading the word “paper jam” might make you shudder if you’ve worked in an office for any amount of time. If your office is equipped with a Konica Minolta Bizhub, you already know how reliable it is. But misfires do happen. Luckily, your Bizhub makes it as simple as possible to identify paper jams and get back to the job. All you have to do is follow these five easy steps.

How to Remove a Paper Jam

  1. 1. Determine where the paper jam occurred. The display should indicate this information for you. There are three main areas where papers misfire: the document feeder, the paper drawers, and the side compartment. A misfire in the document feeder could mean that papers weren’t properly aligned before you tried to make a copy, while an issue in the paper drawers might have been caused by paper in the trays not being inserted correctly. However, the most common place to find jammed paper is the side compartment where the actual imaging happens.
  2. Press “start guidance” on the control panel. This can also show you visual step-by-step instructions when you experience a paper jam. The display will zoom in on the part where the Bizhub senses the paper jam and show exactly what to open.
  3. Now it’s time to open up the Bizhub. Depending on where the paper jam is located (as indicated by your control panel), follow one of these three steps:
    1. Press in the gray button on the right side of your printer to open up the compartment. Usually the paper will be visible immediately. Remove any paper you see.
    2. Simply lift the document feeder and remove the paper if it was a jammed copy.
    3. Open the paper drawers and make sure there is no paper caught in the feeder.
  4. If the control panel indicates that your jam is in the side compartment but you don’t see the paper immediately, look for the green buttons around the inside of your Konica Minolta Bizhub. They give you access to other parts, including the fusing and auto duplex units. You should find the paper jam there.
  5. Once the paper is removed, close everything and check the display screen. It should start right back up with the job it was doing before the misfire! If it says that there is still a paper misfire, double-check the components listed above and repeat the steps if necessary.

While paper jams are inevitable when dealing with printers, the Konica Minolta Bizhub used frequently by Caltronics allows you to quickly and easily correct the issue and proceed with your printing project.


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