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Knowing When to Delegate

Leading a team, office, or business requires a great number of skills. You have to be competent, quick-thinking, and motivating. But one necessary skill that can occasionally be overlooked, yet is essential to success, is delegating. Knowing how to delegate doesn’t come easy. A lot of people prescribe to the old adage “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.” However, when tasks build up, splitting yourself in too many directions could lead to less efficiency.

Knowing When to Delegate

Learn Your Team

Every person comes to their job equipped with a unique skillset. As a leader, it is your job to identify these skills in your team members and help them utilize them to the best of their abilities. If someone is particularly good at numbers, maybe delegate some of the financial oriented tasks to him or her. If someone complains about your website not working right, you can delegate it to an employee who has HTML experience. You don’t have to just go by what they majored in at college or what their previous experience is in. Learn about their hobbies and their passions. You never know what task they might be perfect for until you look for opportunities to delegate.

Don’t Try to Be a Hero

Putting all of the work on your shoulders may seem like the right thing to do, especially if you’re comfortable with the various tasks, but it is certainly not best for your office or business. The more overwhelmed you are, the more likely you’ll be to let certain tasks slip through the cracks.

As mentioned above, your coworkers have abilities that they probably would be happy to utilize. Giving employees more responsibility and autonomy can foster an increase in dedication and motivation. This, in turn, will make the office run more efficiently. It will also reduce your stress levels, allowing you to focus on the most important things on your to-do list.

Know When to Look Outside the Company

Even when you have an office filled with cooperation and numerous individuals with unique skillsets, there will still be times when you might need more help. This is the time when delegating outside of the office could be helpful, saving you time and money. If your organization doesn’t have an expert at a particular task, seek one out. When it comes to difficult tasks regarding technology and software, like document management and printing services, Caltronics Business Systems can help.

Delegating can be difficult for a leader, especially one who can be particular about the way they like things done. But the benefits of creating more camaraderie and reducing your amount of stress far outweigh any potential adjustment period that you may experience when allowing others to take on more responsibility.


Get to Know Caltronics

For forty years Caltronics has been trusted with providing California with flawless document management technology and services. As one of the the leading companies in this industry, Caltronics is known for its top of the line technology and products as well as its award winning service. Today, this company offers their customers state of the art, top of the line advanced digital copiers, high speed color printers and copiers, document management software, and multifunctional fax and scanning systems designed to streamline any office space that struggles with a high volume of paper documents. With their help, businesses have found ways to become organized and efficient, making some of the top specialists in the state and nationwide.

Offered Services

Caltronics Business Systems understands that a business is only as strong as its efficiency and organization. Due to this, they’re willing to go the extra mile to provide their customers with everything they’ll need to turn their business into a better-functioning success. At Caltronics, they offer a variety of services that cover all areas of an office. When working with them, customers can expect the following:

  • Over 150 digitally trained technicians
  • Network Scan Stations
  • Variable Data Solutions for Internal Marketing
  • Production Print/Copy Systems
  • High Speed Color Copiers and Printers
  • Electronic Document Management Solutions

In addition to these services, they also have the best office technology products and software out today. These include the Konica Minolta Print Production equipment series which is the leader in digital production print performance. It comes with high color quality, high speed black and white output, and more. They also offer the bizhub PRO production line and the bizhub PRESS series which offer excellent color production products, quick digital printing, excellent image quality, and a variety of options for document finishing and color management.

Choose Caltronics

Dedicated, modern, and helpful, Caltronics Business Solutions has helped countless companies streamline their documents and improve their office spaces. With their help, any business can become faster and more efficient with their services. Become a part of the Caltronics story by visiting their website at and exploring what they have to offer.

Going Paperless in the Office

It may be hard to imagine an office without paper and physical documents. Being a “green” office isn’t just trendy – it’s economically smart. By using Caltronics Solutions, you can improve your office’s document management and go paperless. This move will save you money and make employees more efficient both within and outside of the office.

Going Paperless in the Office

Managing Documents within the Office

You shouldn’t need to rely on printing every document and overflowing the office with papers in order efficiently work as cohesively. You can do tasks more efficiently, replace paper communications, and have a more organized filing system online. With services like electronic workflow, you can send and receive documents within and between departments and do anything you already do with paper. However, by going paperless, you are saving your office from clutter and the costs involved with printing everything.

Another way that Caltronics can help you reduce your paper use and improve employee productivity is through RightFax. RightFax lets employees communicate through document distribution without mass printing. Instead, faxes, big documents, and even simple notifications can be sent to anyone connected to the network in a variety of secure ways like e-mail and SMS text messaging. By doing away with the regular old fax machine, your office will save plenty of money by using less paper and ink.

Improving Workflow outside the Office

Obviously a lot of any business’ communications are done outside the office. Document management services can also help you go paperless when communicating with your clients and consumers. Most importantly, Caltronics can work with your budgets and needs to make sure you get exactly what your office needs to increase efficiency and go green while not wasting extra money on unnecessary equipment. By scanning and saving documents online, all of your correspondences and information about clients can become easily searchable and accessible to anyone anywhere. Relying on storing hard copies of client info in file folders makes it much more frustrating to find the information. Paper documents can more easily get misplaced. When properly managed, online documents can be with you wherever you can access the network.

Saving money, reducing the office’s carbon footprint, and increasing efficiency are three top priorities for any modern organization. Everyone benefits when an office goes paperless. There will be less clutter, less wasteful spending, and more interconnectivity between coworkers and clients/customers. With document management solutions, Caltronics can help your office reach these goals.