Going Paperless in the Office

It may be hard to imagine an office without paper and physical documents. Being a “green” office isn’t just trendy – it’s economically smart. By using Caltronics Solutions, you can improve your office’s document management and go paperless. This move will save you money and make employees more efficient both within and outside of the office.

Going Paperless in the Office

Managing Documents within the Office

You shouldn’t need to rely on printing every document and overflowing the office with papers in order efficiently work as cohesively. You can do tasks more efficiently, replace paper communications, and have a more organized filing system online. With services like electronic workflow, you can send and receive documents within and between departments and do anything you already do with paper. However, by going paperless, you are saving your office from clutter and the costs involved with printing everything.

Another way that Caltronics can help you reduce your paper use and improve employee productivity is through RightFax. RightFax lets employees communicate through document distribution without mass printing. Instead, faxes, big documents, and even simple notifications can be sent to anyone connected to the network in a variety of secure ways like e-mail and SMS text messaging. By doing away with the regular old fax machine, your office will save plenty of money by using less paper and ink.

Improving Workflow outside the Office

Obviously a lot of any business’ communications are done outside the office. Document management services can also help you go paperless when communicating with your clients and consumers. Most importantly, Caltronics can work with your budgets and needs to make sure you get exactly what your office needs to increase efficiency and go green while not wasting extra money on unnecessary equipment. By scanning and saving documents online, all of your correspondences and information about clients can become easily searchable and accessible to anyone anywhere. Relying on storing hard copies of client info in file folders makes it much more frustrating to find the information. Paper documents can more easily get misplaced. When properly managed, online documents can be with you wherever you can access the network.

Saving money, reducing the office’s carbon footprint, and increasing efficiency are three top priorities for any modern organization. Everyone benefits when an office goes paperless. There will be less clutter, less wasteful spending, and more interconnectivity between coworkers and clients/customers. With document management solutions, Caltronics can help your office reach these goals.


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