Maximize Office Efficiency with Caltronics Business Systems

Each office has a myriad of tasks to perform, including storing and filing information, accessing data, developing documents, sending invoices, and creating promotional or informational materials. Normally, these would all require the use of multiple pieces of technology, including scanners, printers, file-management software, and other items. However, by implementing a centralized equipment station in an office’s processes, these tasks and more can be condensed into a unified, streamlined process that eliminates clutter and maximizes office efficiency.

The task of ensuring that this technology is correctly implemented is a complex one at least, and it requires a sound understanding of both information management and the way the office currently functions, not to mention high-quality equipment. With Caltronics Business Systems, this task becomes much easier to manage as third-party experience comes on board to help with implementing the technology needed. Caltronics can help obtain many benefits in the workplace with their consultative approach to implementing business solutions.

Document Access and Workflow

One of the benefits of their business systems is streamlined document access. Once documents are scanned and filed using the latest document capture and filing technology, they become readily available for personnel both in the office and abroad. This system is also much more secure than traditional paper filing, as there is no master copy to risk losing.

Printing Demand

Production and variable-data printing were once processes that required in-depth knowledge of complex procedures. With recent technologies, however, it has become far easier to customize massive volumes of documents and produce all sorts of materials, including booklets, pamphlets, flyers, presentation folders, and so forth.

Faxing and Distribution

Having everything stored electronically in a central hub will allow it to be more easily sent to clients, personnel, and other stakeholders. Faxing is much less expensive with the technologies provided by Caltronics.

Caltronics Business Solutions utilizes a wide variety of technologies to meet specific office needs and goals. These technologies include Konica-Minolta bizhub equipment, HP managed print services, Captaris RightFax servers, and several others. To learn more about how centralized business solutions can help optimize office efficiency, visit the company site at


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