Do You Need a Stand-alone Scanner?

If you work in a high-productivity office, chances are you have a printer/copier with a scanner included. While this combination of machines is certainly convenient, there are also some drawbacks. Are you really getting the best scanner? Is the convenience hampered by multiple people trying to copy, scan, and print at the same time? The professionals at Caltronics Business can help you determine your needs and choose the best printers, copiers, scanners, and more for your office. Below are a few helpful tips when considering a stand-alone scanner.

Great for Job-Specific Productivity

If you just need a scanner on occasion, you may not need to worry about getting a stand-alone model. But if your office requires unique, job-specific scanning capabilities, your needs will probably be better met with a scanner that’s up to the task. You can get scanners that are specifically tailored for the best photo-quality prints possible, quick-scan and print options, and ones that can connect through networks and cloud services to your entire office more efficiently than others.

Perfect for a Busy Office Space

As mentioned in the introduction, sometimes having a multifunction printer/copier isn’t the best for your office, especially when different people need to use the same one for different time-consuming jobs. If you only have one MFP, confusion and frustration could arise when multiple people are trying to use the machine at once. Someone printing a 100-page job won’t want to wait for someone to use the scanner to print some pages of a pamphlet, and the copier usually can’t be used at the same time as the scanner either. All of this stress can be managed with an affordable and reliable scanner that is specifically made for those who need to use it.

When you need photo-quality prints or have a specific job in mind for a scanner that could get in the way of other large-print jobs, getting a scanner that can be used for more specific purposes will definitely help the efficiency of the office. Caltronics can supply your scanning solutions with affordable and top-flight products from the major brands like HP.


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