Variable Data Printing

If you or your office has ever had to send a mass mailing out for any reason, you know how much of a lifesaver mail merging is. Allowing you to print the same document or letter with every address on a list, instead of having to manually create individual documents for each address, saves countless hours. But with variable data printing, you can take your mail merge capabilities to the next level.

Variable data printing can benefit nearly any office, from marketing and customer relations to those in government and the medical field. And if you want a business that can get you started with variable data printing, learn more at Caltronics Business Systems.

Printing Beyond Mail Merging

Variable data printing can do much more than what’s normally covered under the term “mail merge.” With mail merging, you can change the address/name fields in a document, but the other information remains the same from print to print.

With variable data printing, you can personalize each document so much more. You can change more parts of text, and even images and secondary parts of the document, to make each print feel unique without needing to continually change it manually for each print; the printer can do all that work for you.

Why Your Office Needs Variable Data Printing

Say, for instance, you work in a medical office, and you want to send all the patients reminders of their upcoming appointments. Obviously, you will have a variety of clientele, some families, some children, some adults with no children, some teenagers, etc. With variable data printing, you can not only maintain the same document template while adding the unique addresses, but also give some extra uniqueness to a letter going for a child’s appointment, some different text/images for a teenager, and even more different text and images for an adult. This type of personalization is extremely appreciated by customers and patients, and it will ensure that you have just a little more customer favorability than if you sent out the same letter to every client.

Caltronics offers the hardware (like Konica Minolta bizhub multi-function printers), software, and knowledge that you need to take full advantage of what variable data printing has to offer. Go to to view their options.


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