Is Your Copier an IT Nightmare?

For many offices, the copier is central to countless tasks, and having it run well is of the utmost importance for your office to work well. Sadly, copiers can also be a source of massive frustration and trouble, especially when they are highly utilized. Copiers can become a living nightmare for you, your coworkers, and the IT department (if you’re lucky enough to have one). But luckily, there is a solution to these issues: managed print services (MPS).

Is Your Copier an IT Nightmare-

A Fix for Common Copier Problems

Before discussing managed print services, let’s go more into what types of common copier issues can be resolved by MPS. One issue is getting stuck with outdated technology. If you buy a copier, whether it was new or used, and don’t have a contract associated with it, you could be trying to get the most out of it, ignoring the fact that it is outdated or isn’t being optimized with important parts and computer updates. This will lead to more frequent jams and breakdowns, causing a huge headache for everyone involved.

Another problem that can affect your copier is having the wrong copier for your work environment. Again, if your office simply purchases one that they think looks good without any consultation, it might become a burden. If you have a small office that rarely has large print jobs, you shouldn’t waste money on the top-of-the-line copier that can print books. On the other hand, if your office is larger or often has high-volume printing, you shouldn’t try to save money by getting a cheaper copier that doesn’t fit your needs. This will end up costing you more in the end.

A Money-Saving Copier Solution

One financial issue is the cost associated with toner and paper. If you aren’t optimizing your paper use, you could be wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year when it could be avoided. With MPS from Caltronics, you will get reports and quarterly reviews which help to ensure that your usage is optimized and you aren’t wasting money when there’s no reason to do so. These costs can make a huge difference in the office’s bottom line.

If you’re ready to improve the efficiency of your copier and your entire copying, printing, and scanning environment, Caltronics Business Systems can help. With top-rated service and reliability, Caltronics is one of the most trusted for Managed Print Services in California.


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