How the Bizhub INFO-Palette Touchscreen Streamlines Your Printing & Copying

Technological advances in the past decade have allowed every part of your office to become more streamlined, efficient, and productive. But are you getting the most out of this technology when it comes to your printers and copiers? With Konica Minolta’s bizhub INFO-Palette touchscreen, you will be ensured the most up-to-date technology for your office.

How the Bizhub INFO-Palette Touchscreen Streamlines Your Printing & Copying

What Makes the Bizhub Different?

Essentially, all multi-function printers (and even most basic printers and scanners) on the market today have some form of touchscreen, but not all of them are very useful. Some take a lot of time to navigate through menus and aren’t very intuitively designed. Sometimes, they don’t even respond to your touch the first time, or the screen isn’t well-calibrated, leading to frustrating mistakes.

This is where the bizhub INFO-Palette Touchscreen becomes a serious help for any office struggling with standard MFP touchscreens. Created only a few years ago, this screen is made to be as high-quality as the touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet. The 9-inch screen allows for easy viewing and reading and helps prevent accidentally touching a button you weren’t trying to hit.

You don’t need to be a tech professional to understand and use this touchscreen; its intuitive design, ease of navigation, and helpful information/guidance will ensure that everyone in your office feels comfortable utilizing the bizhub INFO-Palette Touchscreen.

A Great Fit for Any Environment

The bizhub INFO-Palette is even more useful when you utilize bizhub’s array of applications available for their products in the bizhub MarketPlace. These apps, which allow you to connect to various e-mail apps, clouds, and much more, give your INFO-Palette Touchscreen even more flexibility and efficiency in the office environment. You can connect your computer and any other smart devices in ways that make information gathering and producing simpler than ever.

Using the office MFP’s touchscreen shouldn’t be something that bogs down your document management. With the bizhub INFO-Palette Touchscreen, your office printing, copying, and so much more will become streamlined and more efficient, saving you time and money.

If you are interested in improving your office’s printing and copying with the bizhub INFO-Palette Touchscreen, Caltronics Business Systems has your office solutions.


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