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A Good Scanner Can Revolutionize Your Document Management

There are a number of scanning solutions that can help you get the most out of your electronic document management system (EDMS) in order to improve your office’s efficiency and productivity. Below will be an explanation of what document management is, followed by a discussion of different scanners Caltronics Business Systems offers for you to improve your document management.

Document Management

At its most basic, document management is exactly that—how you manage your office’s documents. Until recently, the only possible document management systems were of the paper filing variety, but this is not the most secure or efficient way to manage your documents. Paper files can get lost or stolen fairly easily, and they can be a hassle to store, especially when your office space is relatively compact and you don’t want to spend money on extra storage space.

Today, document management systems are how your office organizes documents in a virtual environment. This isn’t an easy task, especially for organizations that have been using paper filing for a long time. But it is certainly worth it to change, as it can help you always able to find the documents you need, save you space, and password protect your documents so you know exactly who has access to them. Having a scanner with the best technology can help make the transition to a fully digital document management system much easier.

Scanning Solutions from Caltronics

Caltronics offers top of the line products from HP and Konica Minolta, and the good service to go with it in order to help you ensure that you’re getting the products you need. You can get normal scanners made for everyday use, and more specialized ones like book, photo, and microfilm scanners. The right scanners can also read the documents you scan, organizing and “reading” all of the words on the document, thus making it searchable. With these benefits, everything will be found much more quickly than if you just kept the paper files alone in boxes around the office.

If you want to ditch paper filing and move to virtual document management, but you need some help making the transition, Caltronics Business Systems can help. Go to today to learn more about their scanning solutions and products.


How Document Workflow Can Increase Productivity in Your Office

If your office is still dealing with the daily frustration of inefficient document management, with paper filing, giant boxes of important documents from years past, and missing documents when you need them most, you certainly aren’t alone. But that doesn’t mean that your organization needs to continue to be this way. A disorganized office can lead to lost or misplaced documents, which can lead to frustration or even more serious concerns down the line. By moving to a digital workflow, you can make your office a much more productive place.

How Document Workflow Can Increase Productivity in Your Office

Stay More Organized

There’s nothing worse for an office’s productivity than lack of organization. And no matter how strong your paper filing methods are, it will always have similar downsides. Physical space is not limitless, and the older your company gets, the more files you’ll be printing and filing away. Boxes end up piling on boxes to the point where it can be difficult to find something from a year or two back. Digital organization allows your organization to search through documents, finding exactly what you need in seconds instead of minutes or hours. You’ll also be able to access the documents from anywhere you have an internet connection, instead of needing to be in the office.

More Security

Security of important documents, especially when they are financial or include confidential information, is a top priority for any organization or office. And the more secure your documents are, the more productive your organization can be. But with all of the human error that can easily occur with paper filing, and the ease of anyone just going to a filing cabinet and grabbing files they shouldn’t have, printing out all of your important documents isn’t secure. With online document workflow, you can ensure that your documents are secure from being lost or stolen in various ways. One of the most useful is password encrypting, something that can never be replicated in the physical environment. You can ensure that certain files can only be accessed by the people who should have access to them.

Document workflow shouldn’t be a hassle. Caltronics Business Systems’ Solutions Team can help your organization move into the digital age when it comes to your document workflow, ensuring that you have the necessary security and best organizing methods available, all while reducing printing and paper waste.

Why You Should Ditch Your Fax Machine and Switch to an OpenText RightFax Paperless Solution

Businesses should always be looking for ways to be more efficient and less wasteful. And when you save money in the process, it makes it even better. With OpenText RightFax, you can ditch the fax machine while improving your office’s workflow and document management. Below are three reasons why.

Why You Should Ditch Your Fax Machine and Switch to an OpenText RightFax Paperless Solution

Increases Security

Traditional fax machines can cause information security problems. Because business departments are often sharing the same machine, sensitive information is prone to being seen by unwanted eyes. If a document is left on the machine or forgotten in the tray, it is out there for the next person to see, whoever that may be. With RightFax, your faxes will come in digitally, making it much more difficult to lose track of them. It also helps ensure the security of important documents that are faxed over, with no opportunity for secure information to get lost or filed improperly.

Creates a Greener Office

Having a greener business is looked favorably upon by both employees and consumers. Making the change to OpenText RightFax is a way to go green without it being a burden. By going paperless with your faxes, you’ll be able to greatly reduce your office’s impact on the environment. By getting rid of the fax machine, you will print much less (and not have to deal with throwing away all the junk faxes you receive), and will use less electricity. Going green is important for the environment, and going with OpenText RightFax is a great way to do it.

Saves Money

Every office tries to reduce expenditures wherever possible. Making the switch from regular faxing to a paperless solution like RightFax saves you money in more ways than you might think. Obviously you will be using less paper, but no fax machine also means one less phone line needed. You also won’t have to worry about costs of maintaining the fax machine itself, from the toner to the occasional breakdowns (especially for those who still use an old fax machine).

If you think OpenText RightFax is a good solution for your office, Caltronics Business Systems can help you get the network fax system installed how you need it.