What is Variable Data Printing and How Can It Make Your Office More Efficient?

There are countless businesses and offices working in marketing, government, customer relations, and more that are constantly printing a variety of documents that are nearly identical, aside from some important identifying information. But what if you could make your documents more personalized to every customer or client, without having to waste countless hours changing every single document individually? Variable data printing, or VDP, can help you do just that without wasting any more time or money.

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What exactly is Variable Data Printing?

To put it simply, Variable Data Printing is an incredibly powerful and versatile mail merge. Except with a mail merge, all you can change on documents that you are printing is directory information like the name and address. But with VDP, you can change just about any element on a document from one copy to another. You have the option to edit the pictures, borders, text, pricing, and much more. And with a high tech multi-functioning printer like the ones from Konica Minolta, you can do many of these changes straight from the printer itself.

Making a more efficient office

After reading what variable data printing does, you probably have already thought of many ways that your office can use VDP for improving your office’s production. If you print invoices or receipts, you can easily print using the same layout and have VDP take care of the individual documents. And if you want to give more personalization to your advertisements or any other documents you produce, VDP gives you the ability to give your customers or clients a unique, personalized document that they will appreciate. You can edit basically any element of a document. For instance, if you wanted to send certain information and pictures on an advertisement to families and different information to college students or other demographics, you can do that.

If you’re interested in making your office more efficient with the benefits of variable data printing, you can get the help you need to get the necessary hardware, software, and customer support from Caltronics Business Systems.


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