Three BizHub Features That Will Save You Stress in the Office

An office that relies on active printing, copying, scanning, and faxing is one that can lose so much productivity and efficiency if one thing goes wrong with a multi-function printer. The need to stop printing while a fix is done occurs in every office. But by being proactive, it won’t happen as often. BizHub has several features that can help you reduce or remove these common issues that can create a seriously stressful work environment.

BizHub Features that will save you












  1. vCare

Imagine having your authorized Konica Minolta business partner come by the office every day to check on the machine, your toner and supply levels, and fixing anything that might need adjusting. With vCare, you can get service this quickly but without the need for someone coming by your office daily. vCare connects your MFP to your Konica Minolta business partner. They automatically will get notified when you are running low on toner or running out of paper, and they will see if there are any proactive services needed to maintain performance. This feature can help ensure that you never have to deal with unexpected shortages, and no one in the office will have to stress about the responsibility of keeping the printer running. You’ll have the help you need when you need it.

  1. PageScope Web Connection

If you have an office manager who likes to — or needs to — take care of the above issues mentioned with vCare, then PageScope Web Connection can make his or her job much easier as well. Much like vCare, PageScope connects your office’s BizHub printer or copier to those who need to see it, through a web server. This server gives all of the important information, from supply levels to connected users and other settings. You can even use it to edit other settings like scanning destinations and page settings.

  1. Pharos Print Management

If you want to improve the overall ease of use of your Konica Minolta MFP, Pharos Print Management can help by create a more seamless and efficient print environment for the entire office. It also has document management that will help the office be more environmentally friendly and save you money.


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