How Caltronics Can Help Schools

Working with students in schools is very demanding. Students can be unpredictable, and they don’t always work when you want them to. Do these descriptions fit your school’s copiers as well? While Caltronics Business Systems can’t help with the students, they can make school employees’ lives easier by helping the school run more smoothly and efficiently. Caltronics specializes in improving document management and technology services in a myriad of ways that can benefit even budget-conscious schools.

How Caltronics Can Help Schools

Upgrade with Caltronics

Schools obviously don’t have an unlimited budget, and some schools may hold back on upgrading printers and copiers out of fear of cost. But getting a new, more efficient multi-function printer can actually save you money in the long run. Your school could be spending hundreds of dollars a year on maintenance. And even more money is wasted when you consider the time spent by teachers having to fix paper jams constantly and wait by the printer to make sure every copy prints correctly. Brand new copiers like those from Konica Minolta come with settings that allow for plenty of customization with each print job, and it is easy for anyone to do it. Newer copiers and printers also use toner more efficiently, meaning that you won’t have to be spending as much on that either.

Better Document Management Can Save Money

Because of budgets, some schools decide to save money on paper just by restricting paper use. With Caltronics’ Managed Print Services, your school can save money by being more aware of copier usage and how to be more efficient. Caltronics document management goes far beyond just counting prints. They will be able to help you get more out of your copiers without needing to constantly worry about the costs.

Teachers, school counselors, and administrators all have their hands full when it comes to making the school run as smoothly as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your copier is going to make this job more difficult. If you think your school could use a printer upgrade or could benefit from managed print services to help reduce the cost of printing, contact Caltronics Business Systems today.


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