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Digitalize Your Company: Benefits of Utilizing Professional Scanning Solutions

When it comes to a paper intensive business, it’s crucial to become as eco-friendly as possible. It boils down to even the smallest things like professional scanning solutions that make a huge difference. Mostly everything is digitalized, but for the businesses who aren’t, there are modern ways to optimize your workflow and get with the times! Physical documents you may need scanning of include:

  • Tax documents
  • Travel Claims
  • Staff invoices
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and more!

To kick paper overload out the door, it’s time to go digital. Even though you may have a never-ending flow of incoming documents, there are solutions from Caltronics printing services that can benefit you. Below, we’ll talk about ALL of the advantages of going digital through scanning services.

Benefits of Scanning Services

1 – Improve Company Productivity

The main advantage of implementing scanning services for digitalization is that your employee’s productivity and efficiency is improved immensely. When everything goes digital, employees across the office or building can easily search for what they’re looking for on a server, rather than heading down to the fourth floor and rummaging through papers in hopes of finding what they’ve set out for. In doing so, employees have much more time to focus on other tasks to keep a steady workflow.

2 – Potential Loss is Reduced

It’s also beneficial to scan all of your work documents so that you can lessen the risk of potential loss an incredible amount. Sure, servers can crash, but with the right IT team, backups can be implemented every day or week to ensure safe keeping. Vital information of clients and customers is essential in company production; when employees can access their information much easier, your brand seems more trustworthy.

3 – Improve Profits and Save Money

Who doesn’t love saving money? Companies of all sizes can scan their documents to eliminate the need for excess paper storage. Instead of throwing away massive storage rooms for physical materials, turn that space into something profitable for the brand. Whether you employ more people or add more services to your company, freeing up paper can put money in your pockets.

4 – Quick and Easy Access

Digitalizing all of your papers onto a cloud where employees can access them can allow quick access on the go. If one of your star employees is heading out on business in another country and is trying to sell your company’s services, quick access to crucial files is critical. Without, business deals may slip through, and your brand could look bad.

5 – A More Secure Data Bank

While background checks are at any job that requires the handling of confidential information, it’s important to lock up away personal data from those who may have slipped in. Maybe you’re trying to keep documents away from those who aren’t authorized to know this information, which is why digitalizing is an excellent way to prevent that from happening. Authentication programs can be put into place so only specific users can access confidential data, improving data security.

What’re You Waiting for? Go Digital!

There’s not much listed that won’t turn a paper heavy business onto the idea of going digital. From saving money to optimizing productivity and security, professional scanner services are a worthwhile investment for any brand, small or large. Hop on the digital train and you’ll soon reach your destination of optimized workflow.


Office Hacks for an Organized and Productive Office

Every office should aim to be as productive and organized as possible. But things get so busy that it can be hard to take the time to look at what is and is not working, and how you can improve your office’s technological environment. Here are a few hacks to increase productivity in the office.

Office Hacks for an Organized & Productive Office

  1. Get rid of your paper filing system. Printing and filing paper is the best organization system. That is, if you want an unorganized and inefficient office. While this has historically been the only way to operate, there are now many options to clear space in your office and make it much easier to track and organize documents.
  2. Go to the cloud. The cloud is document management for the 21st century office. And it has so many more benefits aside from just making your office more physically organized. You can input all of your documents and organize them so you can see them, but unlike paper, this method has the added benefit of allowing you to protect them in a much more secure way. Never again will you have to go digging through boxes and boxes just to find a paper from five years ago. This hack will save you a lot of time and frustration.
  3. Centralize your printing environment. There are many ways to handle printing and copying in the office environment. Sometimes everyone in an office prefers to have their own printer in their office for convenience. However, this might actually be counterproductive and cause more issues. Having one centralized MFP (one that can handle your office’s needs, of course) will benefit your office’s productivity in the long run. It is much easier to maintain a single printer, and it will also help in keeping track of printer and toner usage in order to ensure that no one is left scrambling for some ink to fill their own printer 10 minutes before a presentation.
  4. Utilize bizhub apps. Chances are your Konica Minolta MFP already has bizhub capabilities, and all you need to do is start using them. Bizhub allows you to make the printing environment more effective and personalized for your office.
  5. Improve your office’s document workflow. When your business has multiple offices in different places around the state or even the globe, or if you are in frequent contact with other offices, it can be difficult to stay organized with all of the document movement between all of these different places. Caltronics Business Systems can help you get a handle on your document workflow and stop it from weighing your company down and wasting more time than it should.

If you need help implementing any of these hacks, reach out to us, and we help you achieve a more productive office.