Office Hacks for an Organized and Productive Office

Every office should aim to be as productive and organized as possible. But things get so busy that it can be hard to take the time to look at what is and is not working, and how you can improve your office’s technological environment. Here are a few hacks to increase productivity in the office.

Office Hacks for an Organized & Productive Office

  1. Get rid of your paper filing system. Printing and filing paper is the best organization system. That is, if you want an unorganized and inefficient office. While this has historically been the only way to operate, there are now many options to clear space in your office and make it much easier to track and organize documents.
  2. Go to the cloud. The cloud is document management for the 21st century office. And it has so many more benefits aside from just making your office more physically organized. You can input all of your documents and organize them so you can see them, but unlike paper, this method has the added benefit of allowing you to protect them in a much more secure way. Never again will you have to go digging through boxes and boxes just to find a paper from five years ago. This hack will save you a lot of time and frustration.
  3. Centralize your printing environment. There are many ways to handle printing and copying in the office environment. Sometimes everyone in an office prefers to have their own printer in their office for convenience. However, this might actually be counterproductive and cause more issues. Having one centralized MFP (one that can handle your office’s needs, of course) will benefit your office’s productivity in the long run. It is much easier to maintain a single printer, and it will also help in keeping track of printer and toner usage in order to ensure that no one is left scrambling for some ink to fill their own printer 10 minutes before a presentation.
  4. Utilize bizhub apps. Chances are your Konica Minolta MFP already has bizhub capabilities, and all you need to do is start using them. Bizhub allows you to make the printing environment more effective and personalized for your office.
  5. Improve your office’s document workflow. When your business has multiple offices in different places around the state or even the globe, or if you are in frequent contact with other offices, it can be difficult to stay organized with all of the document movement between all of these different places. Caltronics Business Systems can help you get a handle on your document workflow and stop it from weighing your company down and wasting more time than it should.

If you need help implementing any of these hacks, reach out to us, and we help you achieve a more productive office.


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