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How to Make Your Life Easier with Production Print

For the most part, printing is easy. All you have to do is select the document you want to print and send it off to the printer. However, there are many projects that are labor intensive and require much more time to complete. This is where production printing comes in.


What is Production Print?

Production printing uses technologies to manage print jobs and create a workflow to put together documents. This is useful for things like pamphlets, newsletters, and other documents that may need a more complicated setup than just stapling the papers together.

Print production technologies also include such innovations as online accessibility to keep you connected with the printing software. They also include customizable options to help you dedicate the production process to your needs.

How Does Production Printing Work?

The process works by using software to set up your document. The software may include default setups for certain common documents, such as pamphlets, or it can be used to make something more unique. The software will then manage the printer’s workflow to the specifications laid out in the virtual document.

The hardware then gets to work in creating your print job. It prints out according to workflow, which can help if you are printing out many projects from many different devices. The device hardware includes other functions that can make the process easier for you. This can include management of the cost of production as well as the overall usage of the machine to stay on top of maintenance.

The Ease of Production Print

The printing process can be frustrating and complicated if you are using a regular printer and your computer’s built-in programming. Production printing is a way to streamline your printing process and help you keep things in order when you have big projects coming in.

Using a managed print service can help you further with the print production process. These services work to improve efficiency by providing instruction on what tools to use and how to better manage your workflow. This instruction can help with time management and other issues that might arise while you plan out your document.

If you are interested in Production Printing services, contact Caltronics at 800-775-9545


Fun Fall Decor Ideas for Your Cubicle

The stereotypical cubicle is bland, gray, and devoid of any personality. But with a little creativity, some supplies, and a printer, you can turn your cubicle into a place that you actually want to work in, and you may attract others to it as well. Fall is the perfect time to update your cubicle décor because of all of the exciting holidays, the changing colors, etc. Below are some ideas for how you can create fun designs for your cubicle. Just be sure to get approval from your company and those who sit around you.


  1. Print out holiday-themed pictures that you can post around your desk.

This is a simple option that does not require much work, but can still do a lot towards making your space look more appealing. Try out these fall-themed watercolor prints!

2. Have young children? If so, why not do an arts and crafts project to make some decorations for your office space?

Chances are they may have already done so in school. Adding art that your children made can give your cubicle a more welcoming feel, both for you and your coworkers.We love this Autumn Handprint Tree and this Fall Leaf Painting.

3. Add some fall foliage to your desk

Something like fake fall leaves or even a few small pumpkins and corn. Just make sure that you don’t keep the pumpkins around for too long – they can start to stink after a while!

4. Create a scary space to celebrate Halloween.

Whether it’s a crime scene, a haunted house, or spooky woods, if you want to be creative and have an artistic touch, you can turn your cubicle into a small slice of scary movie heaven. You can start simple with a Halloween Printable or get more into the holiday with painted clay pots to hold flowers, pencils, or candy!

5. Celebrate Turkey Day

Decorate with print outs of turkeys, footballs, parade floats, and anything else you can come up with that represents Thanksgiving to you. Here are a few Thanksgiving printables to get started.

These décor ideas should not be difficult for you to accomplish, even if you only want to put in minimal effort. But if you can’t trust your printer to print out quality images and designs, how can you trust it to do the important functions any office requires from a printer? Caltronics Business Systems can help you get the upgraded printer and copier that you need for the office to function as efficiently as possible.

Say Goodbye to Printer Woes with a Bizhub

There are usually two ways to troubleshoot an office printer that is giving you problems: you just guess what the issue is and open up compartments until it starts working, or you try to follow cryptic instructions on a tiny display screen. But you shouldn’t have to be worried about these frustrations any more, nor do you need to call IT every time that there is a minor issue.

Say Goodbye to Printer Woes with a Bizhub

Bizhub to the Rescue

Konica Minolta multi-function printers (MFPs) have the solution to these issues, and it is called bizhub. These MFPs come with large, INFO-Palette touch screens that are easy for anyone to read and comprehend. The screen will give you step by step instructions with a graphic of the actual printer to guide you. There is no guesswork as to whether or not you are opening the right compartment.

These MFPs do far more than just beep at you when there is no more paper or toner. One of the great benefits of the bizhub line of MFPs is the marketplace, where you can get a number of apps that will help ensure that your printer works smoothly without the common problems that affect other, less advanced printers and copiers. Connect the printer directly to the office’s cloud, or individual Gmail accounts, to ensure that no print jobs get lost in transit. Instead, you can print each document directly from the printer itself, reducing confusion and saving you time.

Contact Support

While the bizhub platform can help you navigate through almost any issue, there may still be times that you need outside help from your printer dealer. Caltronics Business Systems makes this process very quick and easy as well. All you need to do is find the large Caltronics sticker on your Konica Minolta MFP. The ID#, website, and phone numbers are clearly printed for you to be able to order more supplies or get help with questions or issues you may be having.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your printer problems and upgrade to a Konica Minolta MFP with bizhub technology, contact Caltronics Business Systems today. Caltronics is an authorized Konica Minolta dealer with experts who will ensure that you get the MFP that has the perfect fit for your office.