7 Simple, Office-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays for children and adults alike. This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, but do not let the fact that you are going to be stuck in an office all day bring you down. Instead, take Halloween to your office! When costumes are encouraged in the office on Halloween, it can create a fun, collaborative environment. Below are seven office-appropriate Halloween costumes that you and your coworkers can wear this year.


  1. Bring some of The Office to your office costume. One of the most popular episodes of every season of The Office was their Halloween episode. If you are running short on time or do not want to put in much effort, take your inspiration from Jim. Jim went as “three-hole punch Jim” one year, which just takes three large black circles cut from construction paper. Another episode featured him with a “Hello My Name Is” sticker with a different name on it, and yet another year, he just wrote “book” on his face, making him Facebook. Simple office humor and very easy to do.

2. Consider where you work. There may even be clever ways to spin what your company does into a humorous and unique costume.

3. If you are good with makeup—or can at least imitate YouTube video instructions—there are plenty of simple DIY costumes that only require some makeup. Becoming a zombie is as simple as bloody makeup and torn clothes.

4. Another office-appropriate idea is the ever-popular animal, simply done by getting some animal ears. You can, of course, go further by buying a tail for your animal of choice and perhaps some whiskers.

5. Group costumes are fun to come up with, and they also increase office camaraderie. Just choose any (appropriate) group of buddies from movies or television and get together to make your costumes. Some of the most popular include Scooby-Doo and KISS.

6. With the renewed popularity of Ghostbusters—and the fact that being a Ghostbuster is now a gender-neutral costume idea, thanks to the reboot from earlier this year—this team makes a great office-appropriate costume, regardless of who is part of your group. However, it does take some more materials because of the essential accessories. (Here’s a link to an easy-to-make proton pack.)

7. For those offices that really want to make sure everyone gets in on the fun, you can create an office-wide theme. For example, everyone can come dressed as their favorite superhero. This gives a huge variety of choices for everyone and does not require people to coordinate as much as other group costumes.


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