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Creating Holiday Letters with a High Quality Printer

It is a holiday tradition for families across America to put together a holiday card to send out to all of their family and relatives. Some people get dozens of them a year, and you probably make dozens of copies yourself every year of your own. This can become very expensive if you go to a store or use an online company to put them together.

But if you have a high-quality printer in your home or office, you should be doing it yourself! And do not waste your high end printer on just making easy copies of a letter. With a nice printer like a BizHub from Konica Minolta, you can make your cards stand out from the rest.


Print for Yourself

Going to an outside company to get your holiday card and letters printer is a waste of time and money when you can do the same job yourself. High quality printers can print at incredible resolutions for photographs, meaning you can get your holiday letters printed and ready to send off in no time.

The best part is that you do not have to make extra trips to the store or wait for an online company to send your prints back to you. You will also be able to quickly make changes if you end up not liking the way that they turn out. Being disappointed with prints that you pay for can be much more difficult to deal with.

Variable Data Printing

With variable data printing, you can not only make your holiday letters stand out, but make them fully personalized for each family member and friend as well. Perhaps you want to send a sweeter, tamer family picture to your grandparents, but then also want to send a goofy group photo to your friends. Variable data printing also makes it easier to print address labels for mailing all of your cards with less hassle.

While you may have gotten your high quality Konica Minolta printer for work purposes, you should not overlook the many ways that it can make other parts of your life easier as well! Caltronics Business Systems offers a wide range of printer options that can give you the best quality prints for every job and every day of the year.


Do you know how much your office is printing?

You may be concerned about the amount of printing being done by people in the office. But how can you possibly keep track of how many pieces of paper are going through the printer daily, let alone by whom each time. Even someone who can keep perfect track of how many reams of paper and packs of toner have been purchased will not be able to accurately track printer usage without a lot of effort. Thankfully for offices like these, there is Caltronics Business Systems. Through managed print services  and countless other great services and products available, Caltronics can revolutionize the way that you track your printer’s usage.

Managed print services mean that Caltronics works with you to keep track of printer usage. You will get detailed information on how often consumables including paper and toner were used, what type of jobs they were used for, how often copies, scans, faxes, etc. were made, and much more.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is a revolutionary technology that is offered on the highest-quality Konica Minolta brand multi-function printers that are offered and serviced by Caltronics Business Systems. Variable data printing allows users to easily print out documents with similar formatting but each with unique pieces that are easily created and taken care of by the printer itself. For instance, if you need to print invoices for all of your clients with their unique addresses on them, variable data printing cuts down on the steps it takes to transfer all of the different names and numbers onto the template invoice.

This saves a ton of time for any office that handles invoices, marketing, mailing, and more. Variable data printing can also help cut down on your amount of printing by reducing printing errors while trying to print a large load with a lot of unique names or other variables. You will no longer have to run back and forth from the printer and your desk to make sure that everything is printing properly. The Konica Bizhub touchpad lets you take care of the job right on the printer itself.

How Much Is Your Fax Machine Really Costing You?

Why does your office still use a fax machine? Have you asked yourself that question? Fax machines have been a mainstay in offices for decades, and for good reason. They were a great way to get communications and memos between offices and companies. But now, technology has changed. Homes no longer use fax machines, yet for some reason many offices have held onto the aging technology. Caltronics Business Systems offers a better way to do everything that fax machines do with no more extra hardware or expenses: Network Fax Systems. Caltronics’ Network Fax System will not only make your office more productive, but will save you money as well.


The Fax Machine

Fax machines are not cheap. The one that you’re using now cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And maintaining the machine can cost you hundreds as well. Is it really worth spending thousands of dollars on a new one if/when this one breaks? Save yourself the hassle of shopping for a new fax machine before yours breaks down. It’s simply not worth the money on an increasingly obsolete technology.

All of the Extra Costs

Of course, when you have a fax machine, you aren’t only paying for the machine itself. Paper and toner costs are high as well. Depending on how often the machine is used (and how many annoying faxed advertisements you get) it can cost you over 100 dollars a year. And if you don’t use it? You are probably still paying for a dedicated analog phone line. Depending on your plan, this can be another burdensome expense that you can spend in more productive ways.

Network Fax System- the Perfect Solution

Network Fax System by Caltronics is the answer to your fax machine problems. Caltronics uses online, fully paperless fax servers like OpenText RightFax, which means that you will never have to print out a fax again. Instead, everything will be sent to a cloud that is secure, but can be easily accessed from anywhere. You won’t have to worry about accidentally throwing an important document out with spam mail, extra expenses like paper or toner, and there won’t be a machine to deal with fixing when it breaks down.

When it comes to faxing documents, let Caltronics help you bring a modern spin to the process.