How Much Is Your Fax Machine Really Costing You?

Why does your office still use a fax machine? Have you asked yourself that question? Fax machines have been a mainstay in offices for decades, and for good reason. They were a great way to get communications and memos between offices and companies. But now, technology has changed. Homes no longer use fax machines, yet for some reason many offices have held onto the aging technology. Caltronics Business Systems offers a better way to do everything that fax machines do with no more extra hardware or expenses: Network Fax Systems. Caltronics’ Network Fax System will not only make your office more productive, but will save you money as well.


The Fax Machine

Fax machines are not cheap. The one that you’re using now cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. And maintaining the machine can cost you hundreds as well. Is it really worth spending thousands of dollars on a new one if/when this one breaks? Save yourself the hassle of shopping for a new fax machine before yours breaks down. It’s simply not worth the money on an increasingly obsolete technology.

All of the Extra Costs

Of course, when you have a fax machine, you aren’t only paying for the machine itself. Paper and toner costs are high as well. Depending on how often the machine is used (and how many annoying faxed advertisements you get) it can cost you over 100 dollars a year. And if you don’t use it? You are probably still paying for a dedicated analog phone line. Depending on your plan, this can be another burdensome expense that you can spend in more productive ways.

Network Fax System- the Perfect Solution

Network Fax System by Caltronics is the answer to your fax machine problems. Caltronics uses online, fully paperless fax servers like OpenText RightFax, which means that you will never have to print out a fax again. Instead, everything will be sent to a cloud that is secure, but can be easily accessed from anywhere. You won’t have to worry about accidentally throwing an important document out with spam mail, extra expenses like paper or toner, and there won’t be a machine to deal with fixing when it breaks down.

When it comes to faxing documents, let Caltronics help you bring a modern spin to the process.


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