Fun Printables for the Company Holiday Party

It’s that time of the year. Things seem to be winding down as people prepare for holiday vacations. But if your office is like most, chances are there is a company holiday party being planned for just before people begin to leave for their breaks.


Decorations Made Easy with an MFP

Holiday parties can be expensive, but there is a simple solution already in your office to help you save on many expenses that you probably take for granted. This solution is your own multi-function printer. If your company has a powerful MFP like a Konica Minolta BizHub, then you already know how much it is capable of. But you can use it for so much more than just professional work, and making fun printables for a holiday party is a perfect example.

There are so many decorations for an office holiday party that you can make straight from the office printer. Stop wasting money by paying some other company too much money to simply print out a design of yours. Konica Minolta MFPs are fast and reliable enough to be trusted with even the most challenging print jobs. HGTV offers a myriad of printables that can give your holiday party a personalized, professional touch without the cost. Whether you want to print out signs, foldable gift boxes, reindeer pictures, or anything else, it’s as easy as hitting the print button.

Personalized Cards

Create personalized cards for the entire staff quickly and easily with variable data printing. You can include nice and simple quotes and messages like these, and also personalize them with names and even pictures and special messages. Everyone appreciates a nice holiday card, and by making it personalized, it will feel even better to receive.

Creating Fun Memories from Scratch

Print out fun masks and signs for a photo booth. This will make for a fun and memorable experience with prints of pictures to last. You can find plenty of photo booth prop ideas for easy editing and printing here, like crowns, mustaches, and glasses. And if you have some time and creativity, you can even create your own! Take faces of celebrities, or funny word bubbles, and print them out on card stock to make hilarious and sturdy props for your party’s photo booth.

With your multi-function printer, decorations for the holiday party can be a breeze.


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