Are you struggling to keep up with your company’s document workflow? Call Caltronics!

Document workflow should be a key term for anyone who works within the office. How well documents move around the office is integral to how efficiently an office operates. Without proper workflow solutions, documents can be lost, destroyed, or never reach their intended recipient. Caltronics Business Systems has just the solutions for you in order to stop these issues before they ever occur.

There is no doubt that properly managing document workflow is essential, especially when it comes to money. From receipts to payments and invoices, misplacing these documents can cause countless obvious issues. When your customer loyalty is of the utmost importance, losing an invoice or correspondence could harm business. This is why making sure that all documents are easily accounted for and managed is so essential.

Document management scanning is one way that Caltronics can help you feel more secure with your documents. Relying on paper is inefficient and simply does not make sense in today’s world. Nearly everything your business does is most likely online already, such as customer transactions and email correspondences. So why waste paper and money printing everything out when it could be easily and reliably stored?

And not only is digital storing more convenient, but it is also much more secure than filing with paper. You can password-encrypt confidential documents, and only people who are given access can view the documents. This type of ease-of-access for some—but no access for others—is impossible to gain when papers are physically taking up space in an office or somewhere away from the office that is difficult to reach. The space that the documents takes up is also much more cumbersome and costlier than cloud storage as well. You could probably even fit in an extra office space if you were to get rid of all of the old documents that are being stored.

From document management scanning to production print to purchasing your next multifunction printer, Caltronics Business Systems has the solutions and expertise to help your office work at its highest potential every day.


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