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Improve Your Office’s Printing and Faxing Efficiency with Caltronics

In order to compete in any industry, you need to be as efficient and effective with your time and your employees’ time, as possible. Caltronics Business Systems offers services and products like network fax systems that can change the way you do business for the better.

Document Management

Caltronics has received numerous awards for their customer service, especially when it comes to their services like document management, scanning and capture. With document management, Caltronics can help you ensure that papers no longer go missing in transit, and they will no longer need to be stored in random boxes within storage containers. The best part is that it does not even require extra hardware to get started. As long as your office has a scanner, whether standalone or part of a multi function printer, you have the ability to start reducing your paper use. Imagine being able to simply search for a document from five years ago online, as opposed to having to go digging through the storage closet and trying to find the right box, hoping that it was properly organized. This search can waste so much time for whoever is searching for it. Time they could be spending actually working.

Another great service that Caltronics offers to improve your office efficiency is network fax systems. The fax machine is one of the most inefficient and wasteful things in your office. Caltronics will connect you with OpenText RightFax to change this. With this service, you will be able to send and receive faxes through your computer instead of the fax machine, saving you time and money.

Staying on top of the newest technological advances to help use office resources more effectively can make huge changes in your office’s efficiency. There has been so much progress in the past decade even, and by missing out on them, you could be falling behind. No matter how big or small your office is, Caltronics can work with you to make important improvements and hardware or software changes necessary in order to get your office even more profitable.


How to Save Time in the Office

Everyone is looking for ways to become more productive and waste less time in the office environment. There are plenty of solutions that do not involve wasteful spending or making any huge changes to your work environment. Below are seven simple ways to save time in the office.


  1. Give yourself some structure.

    It is really easy to waste time when you do not have a structure that keeps you on top of your work. By scheduling planned times to get certain tasks done, you will make sure that you are actually using your time productively.

  2. E-mail the meeting agenda to everyone ahead of time.

    Meetings are a great way to bring minds together, but they can also be a complete waste of time if they are not well planned. Sending the meeting agenda to all of the participants ahead of time will ensure that everyone is coming to the meeting in the right mindset and prepared to focus on the important topics.

  3. Connect your Konica Minolta printer to OneDrive with the bizhub Connector for OneDrive app.

    OneDrive is one of the more popular cloud services, and now you can access and print straight from your MFP.

  4. Partner with Caltronics to get managed print services.

    This will simplify your printer environment for everyone by having the reliable Caltronics behind you ensuring that your printers are being used as efficiently as possible.

  5. Take a break!

    It may seem counterintuitive because a stroll outside is not productive within itself, but it will make you be more productive in the long run. Getting fresh air into your brain and the blood pumping can lead to new ideas and keep you more concentrated when you sit back down.

  6. Log in and print from your email address right on your printer’s display screen with bizhub Connector for Gmail.

    Konica Minolta MFPs become even more efficient when you combine it with your Gmail. It will now take only seconds to print exactly the right documents without having to even leave the printer.

  7. Quickly find and utilize paper templates for simplified printing and copying with the bizhub Paper Templates app.

    This will ensure that you never have to waste time trying to reprint with the correct form or document template.

With these 7 tips (and the help of Caltronics), you can get the most out of your time in the office.

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