Printable Valentines and Valentine’s Decorations for Your Office

Who didn’t enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day as a kid, when the classroom would be decorated and everyone would excitedly exchange cards and candy? Why should this type of Valentine’s Day fun be restricted to the classroom? It doesn’t have to be! As adults, we tend to see Valentine’s Day as a holiday solely restricted to lovers, but this is a waste of a great excuse to bring some smiles and fun to the office during the doldrums of February.


There are plenty of ways to decorate and celebrate this fun holiday with everyone in the office. With a great multi-function printer from Caltronics, you can print a wide variety of great Valentine’s Day decorations to hang around the office, as well as Valentines to give to your coworkers, right from your desk! And you get bonus points for attaching candy to the cards that you make or just putting some on their desks (just avoid those bland candy hearts). Below are some examples of decoration ideas and cards to get you started.

  1. DIY Network offers a variety of free, printable Valentine’s Day banners that you can hang up around the office to make it look very festive for the holiday.
  2. If you are looking for some funny, sarcastic, business-related Valentine’s Day cards to give your coworkers, try these examples here.
  3. The Huffington Post has a great collection of heart-centric Valentine’s Day decorations that come in a wide variety of colors and designs, including superhero hearts and printables that can even be poster-sized.
  4. Here is another great bunch of humorous Valentine’s Day cards for your coworkers. If you have a coworker who dresses a little too casually at times, this one might be perfect for him.
  5. You can also use a good MFP to create labels and other crafts in order to make unique gifts, like a mason jar filled with candy.

By using variable data printing, a service offered from Caltronics Business Systems, you have an even wider array of ways to personalize Valentine’s Day cards and make the Valentine’s Day decorations truly unique to your office.


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