How to Fax and File in the Digital Age

Faxing is still in use by many businesses across the United States thanks to its ability to easily transfer paper documentation from one office to another in a relatively secure and safe way (emails can be more easily hacked). Although faxing has its benefits, even in today’s day and age, fax machines do not. They can be wasteful, both in extra expenses, like a phone line, and their reliance on paper. With Caltronics’s Network Fax Systems, however, you get the best of faxing and paperless communication in one great product.

Network Fax Systems are the solution to how you can bring printing into 2017. Caltronics has partnered with the online fax server OpenText RightFax, the best and most efficient way to send and receive faxes in a way that is even more secure and efficient, while also less wasteful. All you have to do is scan the document you need to fax, and you will be able to utilize your existing email or desktop services to transmit the fax to the other party, along with receiving faxes. But unlike simple email applications, Caltronics makes the security of these documents a top priority, and RightFax adds another layer of protection above emailing sensitive documents.

And if you are interested in being fully paperless, document management scanning is another way to make your office paperless and more efficient through the use of cloud systems. Just like network fax systems, document management scanning reduces your reliance on paper printing and filing. It also similarly offers a more secure environment for your most important documents and information. MFPs can save directly into the Document Management System that you utilize, ensuring a perfectly smooth transition with easy organization and easy access to those who are given access, plus measures to prevent anyone else from getting to the documents. Caltronics works with you every step of the way to ensure that you do not experience any issues or unexpected problems during the transition to paperless. If you are dedicated to going paperless and becoming a greener office, Caltronics Business Systems has the tools to make it happen.


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