Spring Printables to Brighten Up Your Office

Winter has passed, and the more pleasant (although sometimes rainy) weather of Spring is arriving. What better way to welcome the new season than with some great office decorations to brighten up the inside of the office as well? If you have a printer from Caltronics, you can do all of the printing and creating of the perfect spring-themed printables right from your office. It shouldn’t cost money or take time finding the right spring themes! Check out these examples for great Spring printables to brighten up your office.

Spring (1)

  1. Go here for a list of great artwork celebrating spring. These printable artworks are quite detailed, and with a printer like an MFP from Konica Minolta, you will be able to see every pixel of detail, and can print in a variety of sizes and shapes! Whether you want small cards for desks or larger prints that you can put around the office, you can print them all.
  2. YellowBlissRoad has a number of great pictures and crafts that you can print from your office printer and use to really brighten up your space. There’s even a template to make a colorful spring cleaning checklist, in case you want to get some of your coworkers to start helping out with cleaning the microwave and refrigerator.
  3. A classic go-to for anything printable, Pinterest has a great list of examples for how you can get the most out of your printer when creating great pieces that can brighten up your office, like cutouts of birds, eggs, and bunnies.
  4. If your computers use Windows, then you already have a great number of templates for printables at your disposal through Microsoft Word and the rest of the Office products. Make PowerPoints that look peppy with Spring time color, or create your own cards on Word. There are plenty of options to choose from! Find out how to access these templates here.

When it comes to decorating the office, do not waste your money buying cards or paying for prints to be made. With Caltronics’ great fleet of printer options, you can take care of all of your printables and crafts for parties with your own supplies.


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