Advantages of a Wide Format Printer

Printers come in a variety of sizes, speeds, and abilities. When looking for your next office printer, it can become overwhelming. While any busy office can benefit from a standard multi-function printer, some businesses have unique printing needs that require specialty equipment or printers. A wide format printer is one of the most popular types of printers for specialized production. These printers allow you to print large pictures, advertisements, and cutouts on a number of different media, as opposed to just paper like most conventional printers. Caltronics Business Systems offers many high quality, extremely reliable HP wide format printers from their DesignJet series, and they have dedicated professionals who can help you determine which one is best for your needs. But before committing to a wide format printer, you should first learn more about the benefits and make sure it is definitely a good fit for your office.

Advantages of a Wide Format Printer

Benefits of Wide Format Printers

One of the main benefits of a wide format printer is the ability to produce projects that otherwise would have had to be outsourced to other companies. The inconvenience of having this work done offsite can be costly and waste precious time, especially when on a deadline.

Having a wide format printer also ensures that the quality is exactly up to your standards. And things can be changed or fixed on the fly instead of waiting days to receive a product that you are unhappy with and then having to send it back.

Is a Wide Format Printer for You?

Because wide format printers are generally specialty printers made for just wide-format print jobs, it is important to know for sure that a wide format printer is for you. Check your expenditures. Are you spending a significant amount of money on outside companies printing wide format projects for you? Your business may be spending so much money on printing these outside of the office that you could end up saving money only months after you purchase your own wide format printer. Another obvious requirement for getting a wide format printer is space. Do you have an office space large enough to put the printer? It can be cumbersome in smaller or personal offices. But as long as you have the space and would use the wide format printer multiple times a month, it may be a smart idea to invest in one.

If you have determined that a wide format printer fits the needs of your business, Caltronics Business Systems can help take you from just thinking about it to actually getting the right wide format printer for you and ensuring that it lasts for years to come.



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