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Office Etiquette – Working Well with Your Coworkers

The office environment can create some tense and frustrating moments. Conflicts between coworkers happen. However, teamwork and collaboration are two essential parts of a successful business, so working to prevent these issues from arising is important. Here are four tips for how to get along with your coworkers and avoid potentially awkward situations.

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  1. Get to know who you work with. This may seem obvious, but it’s a step a lot of people forget about. Every coworker has their own lives outside of work, and learning about them may help you empathize with them more, and work better together with them as a part of the team.
  2. Be more considerate with the printer. There is nothing else in the office that can cause frustration quite like the office printer. Trying to scan one document only to find out someone else is printing hundreds of pages can drive you crazy. Creating some good printer etiquette can help.

But if your printer is frequently jamming or too slow to handle the job, consider upgrading. Caltronics Business Systems can help your office find a great new printer at the right price, and save everyone their sanity.

  1. Hold office events. When was the last time that your office threw a party for a holiday? Simply bringing together everyone during the lunch hour for cake to celebrate someone’s birthday is a great way to make the work environment better for everyone. And when people feel like they are being celebrated, they will be less likely to be confrontational.
  2. Go paperless. A lot of office conflicts occur over miscommunication and lost documents. This is far more likely to happen when your office relies on printing everything. Switching from printed memos and invoices to online cloud systems ensures that nothing will get lost. Caltronics offers numerous services that will enable your office to move to a paperless model quickly and easily.

No one gets along perfectly with everyone. But you should be able to at least be cordial and work with those who share the office with you. Creating a less stressful environment through more teambuilding and better technology will work wonders in changing the office culture to one that is more positive.


Printables for Father’s Day

There are two big celebrations during the month of June; graduations for the kids, and Father’s Day for the dads. The dads in your office deserve to be celebrated! Perhaps you want to have a big celebration with everyone in the office, or just give small cards or decorations to show appreciation during the month.

Printables for Father's Day

Usually these printables would cost money to get made and printed, but with a great multi-function printer like a Konica Minolta bizHub, you can make everything quickly and affordably. Here are some examples to help you find good (and free) Father’s Day creative printables for your office.

  1. Pinterest, of course, has a wide variety of Father’s Day printables for both home and the office. You can print out banners or tags that are simple ways to make the office look more celebrative for the fathers. There are even cool printable ties that can be hung up or worn during the Father’s Day office party.
  2. Everything Etsy has collected over 100 printables specifically for Father’s Day, from gifts to cards, labels, and much more.
  3. Looking to print cards to recognize the fathers in a more low-key way? Greetings Island has dozens of cards that you can print for free. They include cards with templates where you can add pictures or personalize it in other ways. This ensures that you can add a personal touch to all of them, and with Caltronics’ help with production printing, you can make it even easier to take the cards from basic and boring to unique.
  4. If you are planning to have an office celebration with kids invited, printing crafts is a great way to make the kids feel more involved with the decorating too. At Activity Village, you can find a lot of free printable Father’s Day activities for kids, including drawing, filling in the blanks, cut outs, and much more.

If you found some printables you liked but are not sure if you can trust your current printer to get the job done, it probably is not getting the job done when it really counts as well. Contact Caltronics today to see how you can upgrade your print environment for both work and celebrations.

What’s a Digital Sender?

You just received an important paper invoice or memo and set it down on your desk. Ten minutes later, another coworker, or worse, your boss, asks for it. When you look at your desk, it is nowhere to be found. Almost anyone who has worked in an office has had this moment of panic at one point. Paper can get misplaced and always seems to disappear at the worst time. Thankfully, there is a solution to the issues that paper filing can cause: a digital sender.

What is a Digital Sender-

So, what is a Digital Sender?

A digital sender looks like (and is about the size of) a standard desk copier or printer. But instead of printing documents that it receives, a digital sender creates a hi-resolution digital copy of the document that you feed. This works great for memos, schedules, and even non-standard sized documents like receipts, pictures, and more. Once you send it through the sender, it will electronically send a copy to the designated email address, a cloud service, or an external hard drive.

Another big benefit of a digital sender is that you can make most documents editable, and thus searchable as well. This will allow you to save so much time when looking for an old document or invoice. Any office that needs to go through the pain of searching through boxes for an old invoice or file can benefit greatly from a digital sender.

Make Your Office Paperless

A good digital sender, like the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 offered through Caltronics, can do much more than simply scan and send individual documents. You can turn your office paperless with just one of these machines without much effort. Just plan the folders that you want to organize, and then send the documents through. The HP Digital Sender Flow can process 5,000 pages per day, meaning that even the most paper-cluttered office can go paperless quickly. And there are plenty of security features to make sure that your documents stay secure.

Why are you continuing to deal with the frustrations that come with relying on paper? Give your office a productivity boost by getting a digital sender. Digital senders are useful for any office, and anyone with basic tech knowledge can use it. You will not lose another important document again.