What’s a Digital Sender?

You just received an important paper invoice or memo and set it down on your desk. Ten minutes later, another coworker, or worse, your boss, asks for it. When you look at your desk, it is nowhere to be found. Almost anyone who has worked in an office has had this moment of panic at one point. Paper can get misplaced and always seems to disappear at the worst time. Thankfully, there is a solution to the issues that paper filing can cause: a digital sender.

What is a Digital Sender-

So, what is a Digital Sender?

A digital sender looks like (and is about the size of) a standard desk copier or printer. But instead of printing documents that it receives, a digital sender creates a hi-resolution digital copy of the document that you feed. This works great for memos, schedules, and even non-standard sized documents like receipts, pictures, and more. Once you send it through the sender, it will electronically send a copy to the designated email address, a cloud service, or an external hard drive.

Another big benefit of a digital sender is that you can make most documents editable, and thus searchable as well. This will allow you to save so much time when looking for an old document or invoice. Any office that needs to go through the pain of searching through boxes for an old invoice or file can benefit greatly from a digital sender.

Make Your Office Paperless

A good digital sender, like the HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 offered through Caltronics, can do much more than simply scan and send individual documents. You can turn your office paperless with just one of these machines without much effort. Just plan the folders that you want to organize, and then send the documents through. The HP Digital Sender Flow can process 5,000 pages per day, meaning that even the most paper-cluttered office can go paperless quickly. And there are plenty of security features to make sure that your documents stay secure.

Why are you continuing to deal with the frustrations that come with relying on paper? Give your office a productivity boost by getting a digital sender. Digital senders are useful for any office, and anyone with basic tech knowledge can use it. You will not lose another important document again.


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