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Team Building around the Office

Are you tired of the conventional training to help boost team morale and overall flow? There are numerous different team-building activities you can try that not only help form a closer team but are also fun and educational. We have a list of games and exercises you can try in your organization that will help your employees learn about each other, all the while improving how they work together. So no more boring training sessions! Give these activities a try and watch your team flourish.

team building

  1. Charades

Participants: Groups of six to eight people

We are all familiar with how charades work. But rather than playing with movie titles, you can give your team different objects that are commonly used in the work environment, having one employee go up and act out for the crowd what the object is—without speaking of course. This activity allows your employees to use their creativity and also shows the group how the individual doing the acting actually thinks.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Participants: Small groups of three to four individuals

Scavenger hunts are a wonderful team-building exercise. They allow individuals to work together toward a common goal while also utilizing the element of competition. It does, however, require some preparation on your part. You will need to find clues to give, locations, and items that the employees will need to find. Once you have all that ready, you want to break your employees into numerous groups. Give them the clues and have them go out and hunt.

  1. The Egg Drop

Participants: Groups of two to three individuals

The egg drop is a classic mind game which requires an egg to be dropped from an elevated position in hopes that it survives. Obviously, the egg will need some sort of protection to ensure it doesn’t break. So you want to break your employees into small groups and provide them with an assortment of office supplies. Their job is to work with their group to come up with a contraption that will prevent the egg from breaking when dropped. Give them about an hour to do so, and then go to the roof of your office and let the eggs fall to see which group’s egg doesn’t break. This activity promotes critical thinking within the group and allows them to work together and incorporate each other’s ideas for a better solution.

  1. Truth and Lies

Participants: One big circle of employees

If you are looking to break the ice amongst employees and for them to learn something about each other, this activity is a great way to do it. You sit everyone down, forming a big circle, and each individual gets a chance to speak. Each person needs to tell the group three things about themselves, one of which is a lie. It is then up to the group to try to guess the lie out of the three statements. This activity gives everyone an equal chance to speak and allows employees to share some things about themselves that others don’t already know.

Using games and activities as a means of team building within your organization is a wonderful tool. Not only does it help your employees form a better bond, but it also allows them to have fun with one another.



How Flexprint Managed Print Solutions Can Improve Productivity

Are you tired of having to print numerous documents on a daily basis without the right hardware or setup? Printing is a vital part of businesses today, and if you don’t have the right system and set up, chances are you will face problems sooner or later with medium or large sized print jobs. Flexprint, in a new partnership with Caltronics, can help you avoid that with their managed print solutions. How?

How (1)

  1. Print setup is according to your print needs

The first thing the team at Flexprint does is analyze your print needs. Most businesses with IT departments tend to utilize them to analyze their needs and design a setup accordingly. While this solution may seem fine initially, it is almost always better to have an experienced managed print solutions provider come in help you save up on both time and money. The analysis done by Flexprint will entail all your business print needs, which includes scanning and faxing.

  1. Create a print setup based on your needs

The analysis will allow Flexprint to evaluate exactly how many printers are needed and with what features. They will be able to develop a network for your printers which generally leads to eliminating the use of “local” printers on employees’ desks in favor of shared printers that can easily take the workload of numerous people at once. This helps streamline the whole print process and reduces the need for unnecessary printers, making your print environment much more efficient.

  1. Employee training

Flexprint ensures that your employees are well aware of how to use the devices and how to get the most from them. Fortunately, products provided by Flexprint are easy to use, so the training isn’t like taking an advanced engineering class. Because your employees will start off knowing how to use the machines properly, it will lead to an overall more efficient process for documents.

  1. Remote printing

Being able to print remotely is a wonderful option for employees at any business. It gives them the ease to print from any electronic device, be it cell phone, computer, or tablet. Flexprint can help you establish the perfect remote print environment for your business so printing from any device is easy.

So let Flexprint take your business to higher levels by increasing your employees’ productivity with their managed print solutions.

Paper Versus Paperless: What is Best for my Business?

For centuries, paper has been the primary means of recording written data. However, in recent years, there has been a shift away from this traditional method. The introduction of computers to offices was meant to eliminate the need for paper, but as the office started accumulating more and more technology, the use of paper increased. With this increase in usage came the need for more storage and a rise in costs to meet the business needs.

Many leading businesses have identified that they are literally burning money by using paper, and have started moving towards a paperless office, which has resulted in considerable time and money savings. Despite this, many companies are persisting with a paper office. So, what is best for your business: Paper or Paperless?

paper versus paperless

Three Key Areas

When considering whether to be a ‘paper’ or ‘paperless’ office, there are three primary considerations decision-makers need to take into account – workflow, storage, and security.


New developments in technology have made it is easier to collaborate on many projects without the need to print out reams of paper. Many solutions allow staff to work on the same document or project at the same time and make adjustments and suggestions in real-time. This has several advantages over paper-based offices regarding productivity and cost-effectiveness. Employees don’t have to print out multiple copies and then collate all the data by holding a meeting. This can all be done from the comfort of your desk, allowing you to continue with other essential tasks.


Paper takes up a lot of room, and then there is whole hassle of needing to find old documents or reports. This can take a lot of time, especially if someone hasn’t followed the usual storage protocols or has misplaced a document. A paperless office eliminates these frustrating problems by creating online storage archives, allowing workers to quickly find records by using a keyword search.


One of the main objections to paperless offices is the security of the systems that manage the documents. We live in a world where many sophisticated viruses and hackers are looking for ways to get at data. Therefore, many companies decide to stay with the traditional ‘lock and key’ approach. However, that system carries just as many risks for the integrity of the company. Paper records are easy to lose and subject to tampering. Also, as many business and governments around the world have found out, documents can be easily left in a copier room for unauthorized people to see.

In fact, there are many more ways to secure online documents and systems such as encryption of sensitive documents, backing-up of data, and time-stamping of documents.

If you have decided paperless is the safest and most efficient option for your business, you’re not alone. Many companies are moving in that direction, and Caltronics can help you make the transition seamlessly.