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How Can Wireless Printing Increase Productivity

Print technology has improved significantly and in many homes and offices, wireless printing is becoming the norm. Here’s how wireless printing can benefit your employees in terms of their productivity.

How can wireless printing increase productivity

Save Precious Time

As long as the printer remains within the wireless network range, everyone in the office can use it – may they be on another floor or building. Your employees can focus on their tasks and print an important document at the same time without having to leave their seats.

Furthermore, everyone can send their documents at once and the printer will keep them organized in its queue until their files are up for printing. They only have to walk to the printer once all documents are printed out. Having a printer in a centralized location not only eases accessibility, it also increases office efficiency.

Reduce Cost and Space

You can have one wireless printer for the whole office. If your business occupies three floors in a building, you don’t have to buy a printer for every floor since a wireless printer works as long as it is within the network range. This alone is already a huge money-saver since you cut down the cost of buying new printers as well as replacement ink and toner cartridges.

Because wireless printers don’t have to be next to your computer, you can set it up in its own space away from other office machines, without having to install cables and connectors. You only need a power cord to connect the device to a power source. Not only you save money, you also reduce noise in workspaces and the potential hazards that come with too many cables.

Brings Flexibility

Wireless printers are compatible with several file types such as MS Office documents. They also support cloud storage and file sharing. There are apps and other cloud printing services that suit every wireless printer manufacturer so you can maximize your printing tools.

Some of the best wireless printers could let you print from the internet to your printer even if you are accessing it outside the workplace. In other words, wireless printing offers flexibility and convenience to virtually anyone who needs it. Most importantly, in a workspace with multiple users, its flexibility can make printing much simpler.

Print On the Go

One of the biggest benefits of wireless printing is that you can print from your smart phone, tablet or even a camera with built-in WiFi. This means that you can print even when you are moving, no need to stop whatever you are doing just to be able to print a document out. You can work on other tasks while sending a document for printing from your device to the wireless printer. This is especially helpful when you are in a rush.

What’s even better is that wireless printing comes with multiple functions (e.g. copying and scanning) and features (e.g. color modes, previews and quality levels) that you can access even from your mobile devices. This way you can scan and print exactly to your requirements, giving your business the results it needs.

Wireless printers are designed for busy, productive people in mind. If you think it’s time to switch to wireless printing, get in touch with our team so we can help you set up the right printing solution for your business’ needs.


Spooktacular Printables for Your Halloween Party

There’s no denying that Halloween is a busy time for parents as they’re often rushing to buy decorations and costumes for their kids. If you’re hosting a party, there’s no need to pop into local shops for last minute decor shopping. With printables all over the Internet you can practically decorate your home and set up your own party in any way you wish. Here’s a collection of spooky party treats and favors you can download and print from home.


Hosting a party can cost an arm and a leg. You need to spend money on great food and drinks plus other stuff to entertain your guests. So where can you save money? Invitations. If you’d like to give your guests real paper invitations, do-it-yourself invitations are a great idea. From a plain postcard version to frighteningly freaky invitations, these Halloween-themed invitations will surely snatch the attention of your guests.

Halloween Invitations Printables

Signs and Symbols

Make it easy for your guest to find their way to your spooky snacks or mysterious drinks with these Halloween-themed party prints. Not only are they practical, they also serve as extra party decorations. You can print as many posters as you want to create a set of decorations for your party. Make the evening more fun for everyone by filling your house with more Halloween signs from Party Delights.

Halloween Signs Printables

Outdoor Decorations

Halloween lawn ornaments are such a cool way to welcome your guests. Decorate your front porch and show that Halloween spirit with these Halloween welcome signs. Mix and match coordinating decorations in your yard from Frugal Fanatic to make it fearfully fun. Whether you want to put up graveyard tombstones or hang creepy spiders on your porch, BHG makes it easy to style a spine-tingling display with these Halloween yard decorations.

Banners and more

Banners are an excellent way to decorate your home over the holiday. Use them on mantels, in hallways, or even around the dining room. Then glamour them up with glitter for that added spark. If vintage decorations are your thing, Craftaholics Anonymous recreated an old vintage pumpkin jack-o-lantern design. Halloween Printables

Save yourself the hassle of having to visit every website for free Halloween printables. From invitations to labels, cupcake and goody bag toppers, bottle and jar wrappers, you can grab up everything you need from Here’s also a huge array of free Halloween party printables – just download and print them and you’re ready to go.

With these Halloween printables, you can certainly save time and money for the holidays. Be sure to use a high-quality printer for a guaranteed spooktacular Halloween party!