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creative ways to use printables for business

Creative Ways to Use Printables for Business

Print can be an effective tool to take your business to the next level. Let’s face it, work can be hard and running a business can be much harder. With the right tools and materials to help us, we can improve our business the fun and easy way. Here are five creative ways to use printables at work.

Work Day Planner

Sometimes work can get chaotic. On other days, you become disorganized. A great looking paper planner can help you things get in order. Paper planners are easy to find and make. Plus, you can personalize their design and print them out just how you want them. You can stick them to your cubicle wall so they’re the first thing you see when you start work.

Holiday Cards

Holiday parties and special events are perfect opportunities to make new business connections and build stronger relationships with clients. Instead of sending another greeting or invitation by email, take the traditional route by sending personalized cards via snail mail. Besides a personal note, you might want to send well wishes for their families too.

Business Cards

We already know that high-quality marketing materials can make a world of difference on how our customers perceive our brand. Your business cards are a great way to communicate your contact information and leave a good first impression of your business. There’s a multitude of business card templates on the internet you can customize to your liking. Alternatively, you can design one from scratch.


Literally make your brand stick with branded stickers. Because stickers are super versatile, you can use them in different ways to increase your brand recognition. You can produce and distribute bumper stickers to any car owners who will take them. You can also use well-designed stickers on your packaging not only to set it apart but also to make it look more upscale.

Office Wall Art

Your office isn’t just a place for running daily business operation. It is also a place to show off what your business is capable of. One of the best methods to wow your clients and investors is through visually appealing office décor. You can hang your company’s motto on the wall or frame an inspirational quote and place it in the reception area.

There you go – five types of printables that can help grow your business. Remember that a large part of making your printables effective is to produce them in the highest quality possible, which you can only do when you have a high-quality printer to back you up.

What Caltronics has to offer

Caltronics provides an array of printing solutions for your printing needs. Check out Konica Minolta’s product catalog or HP office equipment to find out which printer fits your needs and budget.

For small businesses, Konica Minolta bizhub C3110 can deliver color power as close as your desktop. For high-speed 3D printing with maximum definition at maximum volume, the ProJet 3500 HDMax offers unsurpassed value and performance. If you need to print materials in a wide-format, the HP Designjet T1200 is the right machine for you.

If you need any assistance, contact us at 800-775-9545.

how to improve your printed marketing materials

How to Improve Your Printed Marketing Materials

Great marketing comprises a combination of both print and digital communication. And, every business requires printed marketing materials that can represent its brand positively. Although a lot of marketing is taking place in the digital world nowadays, print is still powerful. In fact, customers view print materials as a time out from the constant digital updates. In today’s post, let’s talk about how you can make your printed marketing materials more effective.

Hire a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers can take your ideas and make them into something great. They are trained to create marketing collateral – such as brochures, flyers and posters – that will reflect your brand story while ensuring a clean and professional look. Find a graphic designer who can understand what you are trying to achieve for your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.

Use Great Visuals

Do you want to include your profile photo on your business cards? Maybe you want to add a group shot in your banner. Don’t settle for bad stock photos. An image that conveys quality will attract customers that value quality.  Whatever type of images you intend to use, it pays to have them professionally taken.

Go Beyond Paper

Print marketing is more than just brochures and leaflets. Large format printing is a great way to get your customers’ attention. You can use large format printing to decorate your walls or for pop-up stands. Besides this format, you can take your print marketing to the next level by printing on items like coffee mugs and magnets.

Use Top Quality Materials

The quality of the ink, the weight and texture of the paper, and the type of packaging can greatly affect the outcome of your printed materials. When it comes to your printed marketing materials, appearance matters, and you should look as professional as you are.

Invest in a Quality Printer

Well-designed printed materials leave a first good impression to anyone who comes across your business. With a high quality printer, you can achieve that. Printers with high printing capacity, an array of photo printing options and features that allow to print more complicated things – like brochures and catalogs – can make a world of difference on how your clients perceive your brand.

Getting managed print services is another great option that could help you present stunning printed marketing materials. With Caltronics Managed Print Services, your print environment and workplace operate smoothly. As a result, you save time and money and eliminate stress. Get in touch to know more.

Festive Printables for the Christmas Holiday

Festive Printables for the Christmas Holiday

There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars to decorate your home this festive season. Crafting homemade decorations is an affordable way to add some delight and excitement to your home during the holidays. Here are simple and free Christmas printable ideas you should give a try.


Save money and time on your Christmas cards this year. Just print out these wonderful homemade Christmas cards from CountryLiving and you’ll have cards looking so elegant, your loved ones will never guess you did it yourself. Plus, with these charming printable envelopes to match your cards, you can finally send your letters in style. Make sure you use a high quality printer, such as a Konica Minolta machine, so that your colors come out bright and crisp!

Christmas envelopes


Add some embellishments to your home with these fun DIY Christmas garlands from Spruce Crafts. Print them out and string them together to hang on your Christmas tree, doors, windows, stair railings, along the hallways, or on your porch to set the holiday mood. You might also turn your home into a winter wonder with a snowflake garland from What Mommy Does.

Christmas garland


Mistletoes are must-have holiday décor, but gathering fresh mistletoe isn’t always easy. So forego the real ones and deck the halls with these adorable printable mistletoes prepared by Paging SupermomClub Crafted also has some tricks for creating your own mistletoe in minutes. Now, you have a photo prop to capture sweet moments with friends and family.

Christmas Mistletoe

Gift Tags

Add a personal handmade touch to your beautifully wrapped gifts with printable Christmas gift tags. Hey There Home has scoured the internet to offer easy-to-make printable gift tags in all colors, shapes and sizes. If you want to give a good laugh, try printing out this funny movie quote Christmas gift tags from The Happy Tulip. Make opening presents a more magical experience for kids and adults alike with Dreaming in DIY free ready-to-print gift tags.

Christmas Gift tags


Add a spark of holiday spirit by hanging printable signs on your walls. Eighteen25 free ‘all the way’ prints will want you to bundle your family up and spend some great time together. While these Christmas quotes will welcome your holiday guests with heartwarming words. If you fancy black and white, Taryn Whitaker got you covered with her b&w modern Christmas printouts.

Christmas sign

With these lovely, easy-to-craft printables, you’ll have Christmas displays and decorations in no time. By using a high-quality printer, your friends and family will never guess you made them at home.

Fun Printables to Spark Your Kids Creativity

Fun Printables to Spark Your Kid’s Creativity

Kids are born to play, create and have fun. Without enjoyable things to spice up their day, they get bored. Besides afterschool classes, sports, and playdates, printables are a great way to fill up your kid’s day.

If you’re looking for free printable activities to spark your kid’s creativity, here’s a collection of printables teachers can use in class and parents can use at home with their little ones.

Picture Puzzles

Puzzles challenge our thinking and exercise our minds. For toddlers and kids, puzzles can help them develop their imagination and problem-solving skills. It’s also a fun way to improve and refine their fine motor skills as well as develop their hand and eye coordination.

This website has a ton of picture puzzles for kids ranging from easy to difficult levels. Mr. Printables also offer free printable puzzles that are sure to give your little ones hours of fun. Their best seller is the Map of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle.

Printable Mazes

With printable mazes, you keep your children engaged without resorting to technology. This huge collection of printable mazes from All Kids Network will certainly keep your kids stimulated and have fun. They have holiday- and seasonal-themed printable mazes for every mileage.

Krazy Dad, on the other hand, offers a charming series of hand-drawn color mazes that tells a story. Their easy to challenging dinosaur mazes and assorted animal mazes are not to miss as well.

Games Worksheets

Fill a dull moment or break up the homework routine with these enjoyable printable games worksheets from From holiday-themed word search games to connect the dot animal worksheets and crossword puzzles, Activity Village has literally hundreds of games to keep kids of all ages pumped up.

The Spruce Crafts provides a bunch of hidden picture printables your kids will love. Some have very easy themes for the younger children and some are more complicated, perfect for the older ones. 

Coloring Pages

Trying to keep your kids busy while waiting for the good things to get underway? Like waiting for the sun on a rainy day or a good meal while out for a dinner? Hello Kids has got your back. Drop by its website and you’ll find chock-full of great free printable coloring pages for young and old kids alike.

Whether your child is looking to color his/her favorite superhero or sports, Edupics offer a wide selection of coloring pages, photographs and handicrafts that are categorized in themes. The household name for crayons, Crayola, also has quite an impressive list of coloring pages to boot.

To give your children the best experience and have your free printable activities looking like fine art, use a high-quality printer. Let our team guide you towards what type of printer to use.

Spooktacular Printables for Your Halloween Party

There’s no denying that Halloween is a busy time for parents as they’re often rushing to buy decorations and costumes for their kids. If you’re hosting a party, there’s no need to pop into local shops for last minute decor shopping. With printables all over the Internet you can practically decorate your home and set up your own party in any way you wish. Here’s a collection of spooky party treats and favors you can download and print from home.


Hosting a party can cost an arm and a leg. You need to spend money on great food and drinks plus other stuff to entertain your guests. So where can you save money? Invitations. If you’d like to give your guests real paper invitations, do-it-yourself invitations are a great idea. From a plain postcard version to frighteningly freaky invitations, these Halloween-themed invitations will surely snatch the attention of your guests.

Halloween Invitations Printables

Signs and Symbols

Make it easy for your guest to find their way to your spooky snacks or mysterious drinks with these Halloween-themed party prints. Not only are they practical, they also serve as extra party decorations. You can print as many posters as you want to create a set of decorations for your party. Make the evening more fun for everyone by filling your house with more Halloween signs from Party Delights.

Halloween Signs Printables

Outdoor Decorations

Halloween lawn ornaments are such a cool way to welcome your guests. Decorate your front porch and show that Halloween spirit with these Halloween welcome signs. Mix and match coordinating decorations in your yard from Frugal Fanatic to make it fearfully fun. Whether you want to put up graveyard tombstones or hang creepy spiders on your porch, BHG makes it easy to style a spine-tingling display with these Halloween yard decorations.

Banners and more

Banners are an excellent way to decorate your home over the holiday. Use them on mantels, in hallways, or even around the dining room. Then glamour them up with glitter for that added spark. If vintage decorations are your thing, Craftaholics Anonymous recreated an old vintage pumpkin jack-o-lantern design. Halloween Printables

Save yourself the hassle of having to visit every website for free Halloween printables. From invitations to labels, cupcake and goody bag toppers, bottle and jar wrappers, you can grab up everything you need from Here’s also a huge array of free Halloween party printables – just download and print them and you’re ready to go.

With these Halloween printables, you can certainly save time and money for the holidays. Be sure to use a high-quality printer for a guaranteed spooktacular Halloween party!

How to Make Your Own Perfect Printables

Are you looking to create something beautiful for your home? Want to customize a holiday get together or give a loved one a truly personalized gift?  From customize gift ideas to wonderful home decor and wall art, everything becomes easy, fun, and inexpensive when you make your own printables.

How to make your own perfect printables

If you’re not sure how to create your own homemade printables, we put together a few steps so you can be well on your way to making fabulous and one-of-a-kind printables.

Choose the Right Design App

Creating DIY printables starts with having the right design program. You can find heaps of online design tools for creating beautiful graphics that don’t cost a dime. Canva is a popular web design tool that offers a range of easy-to-customize templates for just about any design you can imagine. PicMonkey is another free resource that can spice up your images with ease. If you would like completely custom design software, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are perfect options, although they can be a little intimidating for beginners

Use Unique Typography

Typography can make the biggest difference between a good printable and an amazing printable. You will not want to print your favorite quote in comic sans and hang it on your wall. While there are a collection of free font resources out there, pick the ones that will make your printable standout. DaFont1001 Free Fonts and Font Squirrel have a huge variety of high-quality fonts that are not just easily downloadable but are also free for commercial use. Whether you need something elegant, vintage, handwritten or unusual fonts, these websites got you covered.

Take Advantage of Clip Art and Stock Photos

Sometimes coming up with your own design can take ages. So why not hop on Google and browse through some websites that offer useful and free clip arts. There’s a ton out there. A few websites that offer a myriad of stellar clip art include and Dreamstine. If you like to use Creative Commons image, CompfightPexels and Pxhere offer high-quality, professional-looking shots that can certainly make any printables eye-catching.

Pick a High-Quality Printer

Bring your well-crafted printable to life using a high-quality printer. If you already have your own printer at home, you’re in great shape. However, you must know that the type of printer you have can greatly affect the quality of your printable. If you want the colors to pop on the page, an inkjet printer is your best friend. Inkjet printers are great for photos and image-heavy documents as they blend colors smoothly. But you should note that a high-end inkjet printer can do much more wonders than low-end printers. So if you’re still on the lookout of a good printer, it’s worth paying a little more in exchange for higher quality.

Looking for a printing solution that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but will produce an impressive output? We can help, just give us a call to discuss your needs.

How to Wow Clients with Printed Materials

Have you ever thought of impressing your clients in a unique and traditional way? We’re not talking about those electronic cards you send during their birthdays or surprising them with a promo code for their next online shopping spree. What we mean here is going the extra mile in the offline world so that they can feel more special. How to Wow Clients with Printed Materials

Sending customers a personalized card, customized wall art they can hang on their office, useful calendars, or even stationery with your company branding are all great ways to wow your customers with a physical item. Here are some ideas to help get you started in impressing your clients with your printed materials.

Greet Clients with Style

Introduce your business using a stunning photo. With so little time to catch your client’s attention, use only one image that is enough to make them stop and look at your printed material. Too many photos clutter the design and confuse the eye so think simple, clean and bold. And remember to use professional shot images whenever possible. If you don’t have updated company photos, use high-quality stock images that speak about your brand.

Keep Your Copy Short and Sweet

You only have 10 seconds to entice your clients to do business with you. So make the most of those 10 seconds by including only essential information in your printed promotional materials. Don’t forget to incorporate your character branding, tagline and business logo on every business card, flyer, magazine ad and any other marketing printout. This way, you’ll keep your brand on the minds of your customers.

Pick the Right Font

With a myriad of beautiful fonts out there, choosing the best one for your print marketing campaign proves challenging. Go for simple yet visually attractive fonts so they don’t steal the main message of the copy. Make sure to pick font sizes that are legible for a wide range of audience ages. The business name and headline should be large and bold. Use bigger font sizes to highlight essential information and smaller ones for the copy’s body.

Play with Colors

When it comes to colors, contrast is key. There should be a stark contrast between the color of the font and the background of the paper. While it’s always a good idea to work with a wider range of color, just keep in mind that the font color should stand out from the design’s background or the shade of paper you pick. As a rule of thumb, pair light font color with dark background colors and vice versa.

Personalize Gifts

Create an impact by giving them gifts with their names (and business name if they own one) in it. It will also be great to include your company’s name in it.  So every time they use your gift, they’ll be reminded of how you made them feel valued. Examples of gifts you can personalize are leather pad folio, penholders, diary, travel mugs and tote bags. Great low-budget and simple options include items such as notepads, sticky notes, desk calendars, and wall art – all of which can be branded with your company logo and printed right from your high-quality printer.

Use High-quality Materials

There’s no better way to get the attention of your clients than by using high-quality printing materials. Take note, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors so use first-rate ink and paper. This will surely make a world of difference. Your packaging should also be aesthetically pleasing. Of course, without a state-of-the-art printer, your well-crafted printed piece becomes useless.

If you need advice about the type of printers to use, feel free to contact us. We’d also love to walk you through the printing process so you can understand how this works.