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keeping your printer in top condition

How To Keep Your Printer In Top Condition

Printers are no doubt an important machine in any office or business. Despite the stronger inclination towards digitalization, no one can deny an organization’s need for a well-functioning printer.

The latest printer models have been updated and upgraded with incredible specs and functions. Some of these convenient innovations include faster production, wireless printing, and all-in-one printer and scanners.

The different functions and settings of a printer can confuse anyone and can sometimes cause complications. Improper use of these kinds of machines can expose it to damage, malfunction, or system error. This can happen regardless of how expensive or sturdy the printer is.

Despite the wide range of printer models available , each with their unique advantages and functionality, replacing a printer can still cost you a lot of money. This is why certain steps must be taken to ensure that any printer works at its best at all times. There are some simple but effective ways to keep  printers  in top working condition. Here are some of the things to consider when caring for your machine.

1. Keep Your Machine Clean

One of the ways to keep your printer running in prime condition is to ensure that it stays clean. Most printer issues are caused by dusty or dirty machines. Neglecting  to clean a printer for too long  can largely affect its output. K Cleaning your printer at least onece or twice a month is one of the easiest ways to prevent malfunction, damage, or jamming.

It will not only prolong its lifespan, but give you the best printing results every time. Each machine is different so make sure you check with your printer provider or user manual on the right ways to clean your printer and the proper materials to do so.

2. Regularly Check For Paper Jams

Aside from keeping a clean machine, you should regularly check under the hood of your printer for jammed paper. Any material stuck in the machine may not be evident right away so make sure to periodically take a look inside  for any objects that don’t belong.

A maintenance kit can help you check for any paper stuck inside your printer without unnecessarily removing or touching a machine part. In addition to paper, residual ink may find its way to other parts of a machine where it does not belong. Getting materials stuck in the machine will affect its speed and output quality. If left unaddressed, it can also damage  parts that can be costly to replace. Routinely checking for foreign objects inside of your printer can save a lot of potential headache and expenses in the future.

3. Choose The Right Cartridges

Choosing the right ink cartridge for your printer is another simple but important way to keep your printer running properly. With the overwhelming number of ink  cartridges to choose from, it can be overwhelming to finda replacement l. It can become tempting to lean toward off-brands, or special deals, but you must be careful that you aren’t sacrificing the print quality..

Every printer must be refilled with the cartridge it’s compatible with. Incompatible cartridges can jam your printer and cause the machine to fail, or worse, break it entirely. If it does work, it might produce sub-standard output that you will likely leave you dissatisfied.

If you are looking to save money, try having your old cartridges refilled by authorized dealers that often advertise special deals If your budget allows, you can also save by getting them in bulk. Same goes for picking the right paper for the document to be printed. By choosing the right materials, you can keep your printer running well, while producing the best possible output.

Planning to Upgrade Soon?

If your business requires a high amount of print production each day, it might be time to switch to a machine that adequately fits your needs. Caltronics has an extensive catalog of digital press and multifunction printers to choose from. You can also consider one  of our other print solutions, such as document management, production print workflow, and web submission services, to help take your business to the next level with a higher quality and more efficient production.


How To Get The Most Cost-Effective Managed Print Services

Choosing the right managed print services provider depending on your needs will allow you to produce large quantities of prints or documents efficiently and save time and money in the process. Of course, cheaper services are not always the best way to go, as you may end up with bad prints. Before selecting a managed print service, here are some steps to take to ensure that you find the right balance between high quality and cost-effective.

Compare Costs

Since there are no one-size-fits all packages, managed print services are highly customized to your business needs. You’ll want to put together some basics about what services you need before contacting any service providers.

Things to consider include the volume of prints, when you will be needing them, the material to be used, and even how much colored ink your design will need. Don’t settle for the first quote that fits your budget. Asking for quotes ahead of time will allow you to check with more suppliers and find the best price. You can ask for sample prints and include those in your comparisons.

Create A Production Estimate and Plan

Rush jobs cost extra, so strategic planning can really help you cut back on costs without sacrificing quality. Plus, by creating your estimated print or copy volume, you can forecast printing expenses in the coming months and create backup plans in case of difficulties with the production or any other issue you may face during your next printing runs or projects.

Scheduling your prints and orders ahead of time will also allow you to save some money and even get discounts as rushed orders will cost you more. If you’re about to place your first printing order, take that opportunity to learn about all cost factors. Some examples are equipment, materials, and the quantity needed.  A larger corporation printing thousands per day may charge you a bit more for smaller orders. So, if you have lower volume demands, consider working with a company that is used to dealing with smaller orders. Use this information to create pricing estimates and even compare costs in the future.

Learn How to Negotiate

This may not work for every managed print service provider out there. However, learning how to enter into a negotiation alone can help you work with the company in coming up with the best deal or package based on your needs.

Talking with managed print service providers will also help you find the quality you want for your prints. You can even negotiate and strike a long-term deal with a certain vendor if you’re going to be requiring their services more than once. Becoming a loyal customer may give you first dibs on special offers and the ability to strike even better deals in the future.

Printing Getting Too Much To Handle?

Is your printing production getting more demanding every day? It might be time to consider managed print services. Contact Caltronics Business Systems to see how we can help.

better printers deliver better return on income

Why Better Equipment Delivers Better ROI

Any smart business will put a heavy focus on optimizing their return on investment or ROI. After all, no one wants to invest a large amount of money and see no returns.

One of the many ways to improve one’s ROI is to invest in better equipment. While it may seem like a no-brainer to some, a lot of businesses today are actually still relying on old and faulty equipment. Regardless of the nature of your business, the right equipment can end up paying for itself in a variety of ways.

Faster Productivity

This is a digital and wireless world, so your equipment should be able to keep up! For a printing business, the latest digital press equipment will be able to produce twice or thrice as many prints in a short period of time. An office with a large amount of employees sharing the same printer would benefit from a wireless printer that’s capable of receiving multiple printing jobs at the same time.

This will allow the business to accept more jobs and spend more time on other important tasks, resulting in much more productive days. No more time wasted standing by the printer waiting for your prints – updated wireless printers can show you exactly where you are in line so you can continue working and pick up your prints when they are ready. These types of printers are also much easier to use and understand. While digital and more high-tech printers feature more benefits and specifications, they are created with user-friendliness in mind.

Fewer Repair Costs

As printers and copiers age, they start to have more and more problems. Paying for repairs on the inner workings of a machine can get expensive quickly. Investing in a new machine can save you money and frustration. Plus, with less down time, you can focus on your work and avoid delays.

Over time, small but consistent repairs and maintenance on broken parts, ink cartridges, faulty cable connectors, paper jams, etc. will amount to unexpected costs. Those constant repairs, parts change, and maintenance won’t keep your machine going for long. Soon, you’ll find yourself in need of a new one which will cost you double.

Many manufacturers guarantee that these old repetitive problems are solved with their newer counterparts. Not only that, the latest printers are compatible with a variety of inks which allows you more flexibility when it comes to purchasing ink, which can be one of the biggest expenses when it comes to standard office supplies.

Better Output and Customer Satisfaction

People nowadays show more appreciation for well-designed and produced materials. Customers appreciate seeing professional brochures, flyers, booklets, etc.

Better looking materials allows you to present your company in a better, which will lead to more confidence in your brand and customers that keep coming back.

When it comes to producing printed products and materials, you need updated printing equipment that is designed for the materials you want to create. Once you’ve invested in the proper equipment, you’ll find that there would be less need to allocate budget on repairs and emergency situations that can end up costing you dearly.

Don’t know where to start?

Almost every office needs a strong and durable printer. Caltronics has a complete catalog of compact or multifunction printers, digital presses, and scanners to fit every office or business. You can also let us handle every print and scan job through our managed print services.

Our team is ready with strategic print management, optimizing a print infrastructure, improving and transforming workflow processes, and many more! Just call 800-755-9545 and let us know how we can help.



tips to maintain office equipment

Simple Ways In Maintaining Office Equipment

Setting up your office with all the necessary equipment isn’t cheap, so you certainly want to make sure that you not only purchase high-quality machines, but also know how to properly care for that equipment so that it can last for a long time.

Printers, scanners, copiers, and multi-function machines get a lot of use. Dozens of people are putting the machines to work every day, so it can be difficult to keep them in good condition and avoid frustrating breakdowns. If you learn how to properly care for your machines, you can avoid equipment issues that can disrupt the usual workflow at the office.

Regular maintenance checks are important for keeping your machines are optimal efficiency, but there are also a lot of simple ways to prevent your equipment from malfunctioning. Regardless of your equipment or machine’s price or value to your office and employees, always remember to:

Keep your machines clean

Machines should be kept clean and free from dust at all times. Always clean your machines the right way. You may learn how from the care instructions that may have been provided to you by the manufacturer. Make sure that you’re using the right cleaning materials to avoid damage to sensitive parts such as screens, buttons, and electrical components. When in doubt, call a professional!

Put some thought into where you place your machines

Keep your machines in an area where it would less likely be affected by various factors such as sunlight and temperature.  For example, printers, scanners, and copiers should not be placed in direct sunlight. You’ll also want to limit chances of spills by keeping machines separate from break rooms and other areas were food and drink might make their way onto the machine.

Regularly check for small repairs and defects

Always check for any minor repairs or defects in your machines. These are usually composed of loose screws, broken seals, misplaced covers, and so on. As small as these repairs may seem, they can still lead to bigger damages. As a special tip, thoroughly check a machine before and after purchasing it to ensure that it’s free from factory or manufacturer defect. This will not only ensure that you have a fully functional machine but also save you from facing bigger problems in the future.

Follow instruction manuals for usage

Following manufacturer instructions will not only help a person use a machine or equipment properly, it will also protect the user from potential hazards and risks of dangerous chemicals, fire, and other hazards. Oftentimes, these manuals explain in detail small maintenance instructions for each piece of equipment.

Follow required inspection and maintenance

As much as you want to avoid additional or unnecessary costs, some machines do require a bit of professional help once in a while. It’s better to bring in an expert than potentially cause irreparable harm to your equipment.

Need help with your printing equipment?

Caltronics is a provider of leading-edge technology and services in the document management and software solutions industry. Discover how you can improve your daily business processes and what Caltronics has to offer by reaching out to us at 800-775-9545 for more information.

Workplace Trends You Should Try at Your Office

Improving your office can seem difficult and expensive. It requires a lot of time and work. If you’re already operating full-time and suddenly thought of giving your office a quick boost, you might set the idea aside to avoid disrupting your normal operations.

However, you can still lift up the spirits of your employees and refresh the overall mood at work. You don’t need to move to a new office or to do a massive redesign to improve their mood. While a vacation can simply give them that rest, working in a highly productive and pleasant environment can help them work better every day. Happier and more productive employees will contribute to the overall success of your daily operations by preventing them from becoming exhausted and worn down by their jobs.

Overall, happier employees are simply just better for business. Consider trying out some of these trends at your own office to energize your team.

Arrange Your Workspaces Ergonomically

You can begin by thinking of ways you can improve your workspaces in an ergonomic way. While many people hear “ergonomic” and think only of chairs, ergonomic actually means “relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.”

Ergonomic workspaces can help with the productivity and overall well-being of your employees. You don’t have to change everything at once, but when opportunities arise, you can slowly incorporate ergonomic designs in your office. Some easy ways to begin include checking that computer brightness is set to a comfortable level, adjusting the tilt of your office chairs, ensuring a comfortable distance between chairs and tables, providing organizational materials to keep office items tidy, etc. These are minor but important adjustments and steps you can take to begin transforming your office into an ergonomic workplace.

Increase Natural Lighting

When working under limited resources or budget, you can always pick a design that will look good all year round. Most offices today are going for bigger windows for better views and more natural lighting. A study shows that workers who sit by a window experience less eyestrains, headaches, and blurred vision, which can be caused by long hours spent on a computer. Employees who work in offices with natural light pouring in also experience higher productivity.

If your office also works at night, consider white walls and blinds or curtains to emanate a daylight mood. Make sure that you have proper lighting everywhere and that the lights you use aren’t too harsh and don’t emit too much heat. Using several small light bulbs can help you achieve a well-lit office even during evening hours.

Build Good Workplace Culture

Promoting concepts such as work-life balance and providing small ways to help your employees release their stress is one way to build better office culture. Consider the goals of your company and use that as a pattern when conceptualizing the culture you want for your company.

Simply providing a breakroom that allows employees to truly rest during their breaks is a great way to start. You can also encourage peer recognition and host networking happy hours so that employees feel like they are all part of the same team. Organizing hobby groups can also encourage your staff to participate in other activities such as sports and arts outside of work.

Provide Office Supply Organizers

Minimizing the number of items that each employee must keep in their workstations and also providing materials that help employees keep things such as papers and pens tidy can really help keep employees happy and productive. Unorganized and cluttered desks can negatively affect employee productivity and therefore affect the entire business.

Clutter or lots of items can easily distract your employees and make them lose their focus. Provide them with a simple and inexpensive pen or document organizers where they can put and store all small office items such as pens, notebooks, tape, and even small gadgets such as phones or calculators. This item may not seem like much, but will actually encourage them to organize the tiny items that are cluttering their stations and keep their desks clean.

Invest in All-In-One Machines

Save a huge amount of space by investing in multi-purpose machines and computers. You can go for options that will serve a wider variety of functions. You can also invest in sturdier equipment with higher quality to avoid frustrating equipment issues.

Examples of these kinds of equipment include high-end computers and multi-function printers that can also copy, bind, and/or fax documents. They will not only help free up more space for your office but help boost day-to-day tasks with their efficiency and speed. If you have a couple of items in mind, do your research and make sure that they will really help your business and employee productivity.

What Caltronics Can Do For You

Caltronics offers a wide range of multifunction printers and all-in-one printers to choose from. You’ll surely find the perfect fit for your office and business from our catalog of products. You may also reach out to any of our numbers and allow us to help you find the right choice for you.

Revamp Your Office With Easy Ways This Spring

Easy Ways To Revamp Your Office During Spring 

With your employees spending at least eight hours a day inside your office, it’s easy for them to get stuck in a rut and bored with their surroundings, thus damaging their overall mood and productivity.

While there is work that needs to be done, we can do something about maintaining productivity and creativity in the office workspace. Revamping your workspaces is one way to keep your employees focused and motivated. Changing the vibe of your office can prevent them from feeling bored and unenthusiastic.

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your office. Here are some easy ways to revamp your office workspace this season.

Declutter Your Workspaces

As simple as it may sound, cleaning and throwing out unnecessary stuff is one of the easiest ways to revamp an entire workspace. Removing items that are not needed can really make a lot of difference. It helps the mind remain organized and helps employees focus on their work more.

Having so many things at a desk or at a section of your office could also make an office appear small and claustrophobic. On the other hand, a tidy and more organized office and work desk will make an individual feel more relaxed and clear-headed.

Go Green

Spruce up your office this spring by placing tiny potted plants around your office space. Adding plants to your workspaces will not only provide you with cleaner air inside the office, it can also help reduce stress and make your office a more attractive place to work.

If your employees are allergic to some type of plants, go for potted cacti or other succulents! These types of plants are most suitable in an office or indoor setting and are known to last regardless of the weather or season. They’re low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about them not being watered over the weekend or getting enough sunlight most of the time.

Create an Inspiration Wall or a Mood Board

This is an easy way to add something new to your office. Dedicate a small board or a small section of a wall for this. You can start by creating a seasonal or even a monthly theme.  Make it a collaborative effort and encourage your employees to contribute. This way, you are not only allowing them to contribute but to collaborate with each other as well. The mood board is a great way to share their ideas with each other. This is good especially for employees who are hesitant about voicing out their ideas to the rest of the office.

Having an inspirational or mood board to look at can help your employees with their creativity and productivity. This idea is not only easy to do, but affordable and requires very few materials.

Add Art to Your Office

It doesn’t have to be a big, flashy, expensive, and a coveted item. Small and humble art pieces such as frames, paintings, and vases can really change the way your office looks.

Printables are a great way to start. You can find free art online and use your high-quality printer to create quick art pieces. If you add in extra touches like photo-quality paper or even add some frames, you’ll have great looking pieces to display for a very low cost.

How Caltronics Can Help 

Caltronics offers quality solutions for your printing needs. Choose from  Konica Minolta’s product catalog or HP office equipment to find out what suits your needs more. You may get an all in one printer or upgrade to a bigger multifunction printer. Whatever your needs may be, Caltronics can help you find the right solution for your business. Contact us at 800-775-9545 for assistance.

Multi Function Printers That Can Benefit Your Office

Printers In Demand: Multi-Function Printers To Benefit Your Office

From computers, phones, to printers, getting the right equipment is crucial in making sure that your workplace runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Aside from finding an authorized and trusted dealer, it’s also important to know how specific equipment can benefit your business.

Such information will help you better choose the right options for your specific needs. In doing so, you can save time and money when it comes to updating or upgrading your office. Below, we’ll take a closer look at multi-function printers and their benefits when it comes to improving office efficiency.

Black and White

Small or home-based offices will find a monochrome multifunction printer as the first and easy choice for their needs. There is a need for growing businesses to cut and save costs, which is why a reliable black and white printer would be the best choice for them. A multifunction printer will allow you to print, scan, and even send faxes at the same time.

Black and white multifunction printers such as the Konica Minolta bizhub 458e are reliable multifunction machines that can scan and print and have the capability to handle large printing jobs in a short amount of time. This type of printer also supports mixed media production which means that it can staple, fold, and put together documents in a more presentable way.


Businesses handling a lot of visually demanding documents and other productions will do best with a color multifunction printer. Aside from being able to produce colorful and visually-appealing outputs, getting a colored multifunction machine is far more cost-efficient. Once you move past a small operation, you’ll likely run into the need for color printing. This is why small and medium-sized businesses will find plenty of uses for this equipment and will find a great multi-function colored printer to be a valuable investment as a business or operation grows.

Given how much the times have evolved and how it had taken machines along with it, multifunction printers must also have other advantages. The Konica Minolta bizhub C659 increases productivity through dual scanning capabilities, mobile connectivity support, and easy configuration settings. Although it requires a slightly higher investment, it’s a worthwhile one which can handle massive colored prints quickly.


Even big businesses don’t always have a ton of office space. If this is the case for your business, a compact multifunction printer is what you need. These types of printers aren’t only smaller in terms of size, but also require less maintenance and have lower costs as well. In terms of usability, a good compact multifunction printer provides good user-friendliness despite having most of its functions combined together in a smaller and more compact body.

Nevertheless, these machines are equally as powerful and packed with many other functions to benefit your business. The Konica Minolta bizhub c3351 is a small but mighty machine guaranteed to increase document management productivity in any environment.

The Right Choice For You

We understand that it can be difficult to find the machine that best suits your needs. Choosing among a wide variety of Konica Minolta multifunction printers can be challenging. However, you can be certain that all deliver high levels of efficiency, productivity, data security, and the ability to connect with the latest office technologies today.

For a more diverse and flexible business, getting print solutions might be a better option. For an office upgrading to a better multi-function printer, it’s definitely confusing. Allow Caltronics to assist you and help you choose the right one for your business.