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How to Know if Managed Print Services Are Right for Your Business

An overwhelming number of companies don’t have a clear picture of the printing environment in their workspace. The management teams of many companies don’t actually know just where all the paper is going. This often leaves the finance director perplexed, and some cursory notice may be placed above the printers to warn the employees of the dangers of waste. However, this is likely to have little or no effect, which is why many companies have turned to managed print solutions (MPS) to solve this problem.

What Are Managed Print Services?

MPS is designed to save businesses money through analyzing the current print environment and achieving more efficient results, either by integrating new management systems, new hardware, or by simply giving the management access to analytics that enable them to manage the workflow better.

These services are provided by specialist printing companies that have a large level of experience in the field and can provide solutions tailor-made for the needs of your business. Common services offered include:

  • Leasing of equipment
  • On-site support
  • Development and setup of systems
  • Training
  • Print audits
  • Detailed reporting on workflow

Why Do I Need Them for My Business?

To answer this question, you need to consider these supplementary questions.

  • Do you know why your company is spending as much as it is on printing costs?
  • Does your IT department spend a lot of time on print equipment and system-related inquiries?
  • Do your printers and copiers need to be replaced?
  • Does your staff often complain about the existing systems?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, it is a sign that MPS could be a useful area to explore to achieve cost savings and to enable you to create a print policy.

By integrating a MPS into your business operation, you will have a clearer picture of what is going on, as well as the following benefits:

  • Save money by identifying inefficiencies in the workflow
  • Receive regular analytics on the usage and overall efficiency of the system (this can identify poor performing machines and wasteful employees)
  • Improve security
  • Free up your IT support team to work on other critical system related problems

Any Questions?

If you think MPS could help your business, call us at 800-775-9545 today to arrange a consultation.


Managed Print Services Definition

Do you need a new way to make your office more efficient? Keeping up with the competition in any industry is not just about working harder, it’s about working smarter as well. Since you are managing an office, you have much more to deal with than reading up on all of the different services that you could use to make your office run more smoothly. There is one service, offered by Caltronics Business Systems, that every office manager should know: managed print services (MPS). You have probably heard of this phrase before, but do you know the managed print services definition? Below you will learn what exactly MPS means, and how it can help take your office to the next level.

managed print services definition

Managed Print Services Definition

Managed print services connect you with a print provider in order to get more in-depth and consistent management and servicing of your print environment. The purpose of MPS is to make your print environment, from the biggest multi-function printer to the scanner, fax machine, small office printers, and anything else, work smoothly and efficiently. Your MPS provider will monitor your print usage (and all of the data that comes with it) and be your go-to source for servicing your printers when they have any issues. MPS begins with an analysis of your print needs before you get started, and then constantly monitors and communicates with you to ensure that when your needs change, the services change to fit those needs as well. Managed print services can also include services that help bring your office further into the digitized world and become less reliant on paper in general.

Take the Guess Work Out of Printing

How many papers does your office print in the average week? How often do you need to restock paper and toner? Are there times when needs are higher than others during the year? Are there opportunities to use less resources? If you do not know the answers to these questions, then chances are your office is not running as efficiently as it could be. With all of the different tasks that go along with managing an office, monitoring print usage can seem like a low priority. But clearly the money and resources you can save are well worth it. You also will not have to worry about all of the annoying maintenance issues that you might have before. With Caltronics MPS, you will have a dedicated team behind you who are able to get to your office quickly and take care of any issues, as opposed to either trying to figure it out yourself or having to pay a third party to take care of it, only for the issue to pop up again later.

See the Difference with Caltronics

There are plenty of companies that offer managed print services, but having a partner like Caltronics gives you much more than partnering with others in the region. With all of those expectations given in the overall managed print services definition, you need to be assured that you are working with a team that can keep up with them. For four decades, Caltronics has successfully delivered on these promises to clients all around California. If managed print services interest you, contact us to see how we can help your business.

Are you struggling to keep up with your company’s document workflow? Call Caltronics!

Document workflow should be a key term for anyone who works within the office. How well documents move around the office is integral to how efficiently an office operates. Without proper workflow solutions, documents can be lost, destroyed, or never reach their intended recipient. Caltronics Business Systems has just the solutions for you in order to stop these issues before they ever occur.

There is no doubt that properly managing document workflow is essential, especially when it comes to money. From receipts to payments and invoices, misplacing these documents can cause countless obvious issues. When your customer loyalty is of the utmost importance, losing an invoice or correspondence could harm business. This is why making sure that all documents are easily accounted for and managed is so essential.

Document management scanning is one way that Caltronics can help you feel more secure with your documents. Relying on paper is inefficient and simply does not make sense in today’s world. Nearly everything your business does is most likely online already, such as customer transactions and email correspondences. So why waste paper and money printing everything out when it could be easily and reliably stored?

And not only is digital storing more convenient, but it is also much more secure than filing with paper. You can password-encrypt confidential documents, and only people who are given access can view the documents. This type of ease-of-access for some—but no access for others—is impossible to gain when papers are physically taking up space in an office or somewhere away from the office that is difficult to reach. The space that the documents takes up is also much more cumbersome and costlier than cloud storage as well. You could probably even fit in an extra office space if you were to get rid of all of the old documents that are being stored.

From document management scanning to production print to purchasing your next multifunction printer, Caltronics Business Systems has the solutions and expertise to help your office work at its highest potential every day.

Digitalize Your Company: Benefits of Utilizing Professional Scanning Solutions

When it comes to a paper intensive business, it’s crucial to become as eco-friendly as possible. It boils down to even the smallest things like professional scanning solutions that make a huge difference. Mostly everything is digitalized, but for the businesses who aren’t, there are modern ways to optimize your workflow and get with the times! Physical documents you may need scanning of include:

  • Tax documents
  • Travel Claims
  • Staff invoices
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics and more!

To kick paper overload out the door, it’s time to go digital. Even though you may have a never-ending flow of incoming documents, there are solutions from Caltronics printing services that can benefit you. Below, we’ll talk about ALL of the advantages of going digital through scanning services.

Benefits of Scanning Services

1 – Improve Company Productivity

The main advantage of implementing scanning services for digitalization is that your employee’s productivity and efficiency is improved immensely. When everything goes digital, employees across the office or building can easily search for what they’re looking for on a server, rather than heading down to the fourth floor and rummaging through papers in hopes of finding what they’ve set out for. In doing so, employees have much more time to focus on other tasks to keep a steady workflow.

2 – Potential Loss is Reduced

It’s also beneficial to scan all of your work documents so that you can lessen the risk of potential loss an incredible amount. Sure, servers can crash, but with the right IT team, backups can be implemented every day or week to ensure safe keeping. Vital information of clients and customers is essential in company production; when employees can access their information much easier, your brand seems more trustworthy.

3 – Improve Profits and Save Money

Who doesn’t love saving money? Companies of all sizes can scan their documents to eliminate the need for excess paper storage. Instead of throwing away massive storage rooms for physical materials, turn that space into something profitable for the brand. Whether you employ more people or add more services to your company, freeing up paper can put money in your pockets.

4 – Quick and Easy Access

Digitalizing all of your papers onto a cloud where employees can access them can allow quick access on the go. If one of your star employees is heading out on business in another country and is trying to sell your company’s services, quick access to crucial files is critical. Without, business deals may slip through, and your brand could look bad.

5 – A More Secure Data Bank

While background checks are at any job that requires the handling of confidential information, it’s important to lock up away personal data from those who may have slipped in. Maybe you’re trying to keep documents away from those who aren’t authorized to know this information, which is why digitalizing is an excellent way to prevent that from happening. Authentication programs can be put into place so only specific users can access confidential data, improving data security.

What’re You Waiting for? Go Digital!

There’s not much listed that won’t turn a paper heavy business onto the idea of going digital. From saving money to optimizing productivity and security, professional scanner services are a worthwhile investment for any brand, small or large. Hop on the digital train and you’ll soon reach your destination of optimized workflow.

Rely on Caltronics for your Education Solutions

Educators and administrators alike are always looking for ways to save time, streamline workflow, and improve productivity with their document solutions. Whether it be in classrooms, school districts, universities, or libraries, we know how important it is to have a student records management system that is environmentally friendly, flexible and easy on your wallet.

Does that sound too good to be true? Then you haven’t heard of Caltronics!

bubbleCaltronics works exclusively with Konica Minolta, a leader in advanced imaging and networking technologies that brings together unparalleled advances in security, print quality and network integration, to provide scalable document systems that maximize the power of technology and improve results.

Some of the benefits of having a managed print service program for educators in place are:

  • Create exams and assessments with ease and get instantaneous results. Exam grades are automatically pulled back into the back-end data analytic system that compares testing results to state standards and integrates with the student information system.
  • Protecting student confidentiality. FERPA-compliant features are built into every Konica Minolta bizhup MFP. This requires users to identify themselves and restricts access with secure authentication in any form including passwords and standard HID cards.
  • Account-tracking functionality. Your bizhub can be used to assign costs to departments, grants, or individual students and teachers with panel-integrated cost recovery systems from Equitrac, Pharos, Konica Minolta PageScope Enterprise Suite, and JAMEX and ITC vending terminals in public-access areas.
  • High quality course content in-house. Notice the cost savings immediately when you use Konica Minolta’s digital presses to create high-quality, cost-effective color or B&W course materials.
  • Helping educational applications protect the environment with Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Program. All bizhub models feature environmentally friendly Simitri® toner for clean, crisp print/copy quality, high toner yields to lower operating costs.

teacherWith the help of excellent Konica Minolta products, Caltronics MPS offers world-class print management—eliminating the stress and abundance of time spent managing the print environment, as well as helping you realize significant cost savings. Our team of specialist, combined with our knowledge of the processes, and leading edge technologies make the Caltronics difference: from the assessment and proposal phase, to setup and maintenance, reporting and quarterly reviews, and constant optimization efforts, our team is dedicated to continually providing you with the most successful document workflow solution for your environment. No matter your needs, our specialized Caltronics team is able to provide special attention and a customized solution to each of our MPS customers.

Choosing Caltronics MPS is more than just making sure your printing hardware runs properly. By gaining control of your printing environment, and capitalizing on a constantly evolving document workflow processes, you can successfully cut costs of business and focus on your true revenue streams.

Want to learn more about what Caltronics can do for you? Check out the services we offer on our website or call us today at 1-800-775-9545!

Konica Minolta EFI Fiery proServer for KIP C7800 printer

Wondering how to enhance production workflow for your wide format jobs? Look no further than the Konica Minolta EFI Fiery proServer for KIP C7800 printer. With an endless amount of wide-format production features and state-of-the-art tools, your wide format print jobs just got a lot easier.

The EFI Fiery proServer offers an intuitive user interface and parallel processing of multiple jobs. proserver_525x450 Some of the many great features of this proServer include custom tiling for big jobs in different tile counts and sizes with an intuitive user interface, and the ability to save pre-sets to make reprints a one click operation. With an EPI Fiery proServer, you can easily do layout nestings, job-based color adjustments or apply grommet and cut marks. Increase the productivity, performance, and efficiency of your KIP® C7800 on every job – while producing consistent and accurate color on banners, maps and posters. We knows how important print quality is when it comes to client files.

The EPI Fiery proServer ensures file integrity, using the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), paired with an optimized code base to ensure the print quality is top notch every time. Not only is quality a priority with this machine, but it also offers the highest color accuracy with pre-installed color profiles for the most common media and screens. Keep saturated tints clean and crisp with the smart color workflow of Clean Color Technology and Dynamic Rendering Intent.The Spot Color Option delivers true color output of spot colors and includes color libraries from Pantone, HKS and HKS 3000 Plus, Toyo and DIC.

Leave the guesswork out of it; the EFI Fiery proServer automatically detects the best color compression method. Minimize setup and integration time with a hassle-free, pre-configured System Fiery XF installed and burned in. Workflow setup is equally easy with included profiles for six high-quality screens and five different media.

Feeling overwhelmed? Get direct access to experienced EFI support staff with the included 12-month software support and maintenance contract. While on contract, free software upgrades keep your system up to date. If you’re already using other EFI Solutions, enjoy seamless integration with other EFI products, such as Pace™ and Digital StoreFront®, to create an end-to-end, automated workflow that eliminates touch points to improve speed and accuracy.


  • Speeds and simplifies your wide-format production with fast RIP Processing
  • Fiery XF is pre-installed and burned in to minimize setup and integration time
  • Pre-installed profiles for 6 high-quality screens and 5 different media
  • Clean color technology keeps saturated tints clean and crisp
  • Dynamic rendering intent automatically optimizes color compression method
  • Custom tiling capability– and custom tiles can be saved as presets for reprinting
  • Perform layout nestings, job-based color adjustments, grommet and cut marks
  • Built-in support for KIP Fold and industry standard cut-marks

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Konica Minolta EFI Fiery proServer for KIP C7800 printer can help your business, feel free to contact your local Caltronics Business Systems and one of our service specialists will contact you momentarily.

How to Manage the Driver Settings on your Konica Minolta Bizhub

Learn about Konica Minolta Bizhub properties and how to use all of the different driver settings for your business needs. If you have any problems with your driver settings, visit our website at