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Making Document Management Fun and Easy

Despite offices becoming more and more digital, documents hard copies are often still important, but they aren’t ideal for work collaboration. A lot of people now rely on online communications despite being in the same office or floor. This creates a higher possibility of misunderstandings or miscommunications regardless of the business.

Keeping documents at the ready can save operations from that. Troubles with communication can cost a business time and resources. A great document management system will outline the proper storage procedures for hard copies as well as for their electronics counterparts. 


Checking your printer's security features

How To Check Your Printer’s Security Features

Have you ever thought of how much information is being passed from your computer to your printer? While it’s just a simple home or office equipment to most of us, it can actually pose unexpected risks when it comes to our personal data and information.

As manufacturers create smarter and more efficient equipment with digital capabilities, data security risks go up. We’re long past the days of clunky, basic printers. They are now capable of being accessed through a wireless network which allows anyone to use your printer and many printers store information, making previously printed documents available to anyone who has access to the machine.

Wireless access is incredibly convenient, but it also presents a security risk which may lead to unexpected data loss.

Data Loss from Printer Security

In a recent report, it was revealed that 6 last year. The report showed average losses of $400,000 per year from printer-related data loss alone.

However, most of these breaches are not caused entirely by outside attempts. In fact, the majority of the reported data breaches came from inside the organizations.

If your printer is accessible to anyone in the office through a network, all the information passed from your computers through your office printer can be accessed by anyone in your office if proper security measures have not been put into place.

As a business owner, you know that not all information should be accessible to everyone within the organization. If you haven’t given your printer security much thought recently, you might want to reconsider now.

Checking for Security Features

Your printer might already have some security features that you are not aware of. Most printers are already installed with basic safety and security features that we often ignore.

Passcode protection

Some printers carry a pass code installation feature. Pass code protection will hold a printing job until you enter the code and allow the document to be released for printing. If you’re a busy person in an office environment, you tend to forget files you’ve queued up which may lead to your document being lost, seen, or accessed by someone else. Adding a pass code to your printer will prevent such from happening.

Device authentication

A device authentication feature will allow you to double check all the devices which are connected to your printer. It will even allow you to monitor and remove certain devices that may pose a data breach to you and your computers.

Such features are usually accessible through the printer’s software. You can check your user manual or reach out to your manufacturer to know more about your device’s unique features.

Data management

Most printers today are capable of storing the information you’ve printed or queued up for printing. This is an obvious risk that you should not take. Printers with data management features will allow you to keep printed information from being opened by anyone and even remove it from a printer’s hard drive if necessary.

Still Using an Outdated Printer?

Not sure if your printer has any basic security features? It might be time to upgrade! There is now a wide variety of highly secure printers depending on your needs. Whether you need a small compact machine or a full-size digital press printer, Caltronics can help you find the perfect machine. Choose from our Konica Minolta or HP office equipment catalog and discover the perfectsolution. For more information and further assistance, you can reach out to Caltronics at 800-775-9545.



Why Your Printing Business Needs A Wide Press Machine

Expanding services, products, or other offerings might seem like an expensive option for growing businesses. However, if you do your research, investing in new things can bring in great returns in a short amount of time. One way for printing and print-related businesses to expand is to invest in bigger and better machines. One good example of which is a wide format printer or a wide press.

There are three major ways a wide press can help you not expand and grow your business

Let’s go into them one by one.

Flexibility and Efficiency

A new and updated wide printing press will reduce overall production time. This will not only benefit your employees but will also allow you to cut other production costs such as electricity, manpower, etc., It’s always tempting to continue with your “trusty” old machine, but take a minute to consider what issues you’ve had with your older product recently. Outdated printers can also cause issues that we usually ignore, such as:

  • paper jams
  • low-quality scans
  • inaccurate colors and sizes
  • poor quality printouts

These small but recurring issues are signs that it might be time to upgrade your printing press. Getting the latest wide format printing machines can help you address these technical issues that you may have been experiencing.

While they are mostly fixable, the costs of fixing and maintenance may already be enough to get a new machine. Take some time to reevaluate these small expenses and consider getting a new wide press machine.

Improved Sales and Income

Any knowledgeable businessman knows how to look for new ways to increase their business income. By getting an updated and high-quality wide press machine, you can start accepting more orders, which is a great way to elevate your business through faster delivery time. A new wide press will also produce better-looking outputs and products. Altogether, these factors can influence your business positively among your customers or clients.

A greater impression of your products and services can improve customer feedback and help increase the income of your business. You will be getting your huge investment covered in no time and start seeing improvements and better numbers in your sales reports.

Better Business Opportunities

Being able to produce more types of printed materials could really bring your business to a whole new level. Offering more will attract new customers that may have overlooked you before, bringing you new customers and better business potential.

You can also start coming up with ways to maximize a wide press such as:

  • create a variety of print-related products
  • bundle together services and offerings in packages
  • offer special discounts or offers to old customers
  • provide free samples

Getting a machine like the HP PAGEWIDE WEB PRESS T200 HD COLOR SERIES is a good way to start. It’s a versatile and high-tech machine with a broad range of applications that will surely help you do more with uncompromised quality. See more of Caltronic’s catalog of wide format machines or contact us at 800-775-9545 for more information.


Printing Quality Stickers For Your Business

How to Print Great Stickers for Your Business

There’s no doubt that a business must be efficient at all times. To increase the productivity of your business, you must organize your daily operations. There are a lot of ways to do it. From improving your workspace to being on top of things. It can be as simple as knowing where things are and avoiding cluttered desks and storage. Office equipment, especially the ones carried outside the office can also use a label to prevent misplacing or losing them.  One way to avoid this is to use stickers.

Aside from in-office use, you can also use stickers for your business. You can use it on your products, promotions, and even as giveaways to your customers and clients. Great stickers can help increase recognition for your business as well.

However, simply printing out stickers isn’t enough. They will have to have look great and be high quality. Here’s how you can print great stickers for your office or business.

Choose the right printing material

Print your stickers on a material that will not fade easily. Choosing where to print your stickers is also important. By using strong or sturdy materials, you’ll avoid issues with fading or insufficient stickiness. Missing stickers or labels can defeat your purpose of using them to organize in the first place.

This is why you will need to consider where you will be putting the stickers before printing them. Are they for use inside the office? You can use a strong paper material. For travel? Use an extra thick vinyl. For outdoor equipment? Consider waterproof and materials resistant to scratching and fading. For your products? Use a material with a strong adhesive. This will avoid people from tampering with your products to distribute or sell them in an illegal way.

These are only a few of the things you will need to take note of when choosing a sticker material. They will have to be of high quality, durable, and completely serve your need for the sticker.

Use a high-quality printer

Using the proper equipment is as important as choosing a quality material. A quality sticker material is useless if the print fades fast. To avoid this, you will have to use a quality printer. A great printer will allow you to print detailed stickers for your business. If you have an intricate design with bright or solid colors, you will find a good printer as a good investment. When printing stickers (or anything), it is important to bring out your logo or image in the best way possible.

For businesses with growing operations, you can choose from wide variety of printers from Konica Minoltas’s product catalogue. Find what you need from a selection of office printers and multifunction digital press equipment for bigger operations. HP Office also has a variety of office printers to choose from. You can pick one depending on your budget, needs, and other purposes it may serve.

For any office or business, planning to print great stickers might seem like a straightforward task. However, how we do these small tasks can greatly affect the entire business. When it comes to choosing an office or business printer, you can checkout Caltronics’ catalogue of products and services. Contact us today at 800-775-9545 and learn the best choice for your business!

How to Enhance Your Brand Image with Office Technology

Businesses should incorporate the right balance in using all the tools available to build a positive brand image. In today’s market, first impressions matter greatly and your customers won’t hesitate to leave if you can’t give them what they need quickly.

How to Enhance Your Brand Image with Office Technology

Here’s how you can make the most of the tools at your disposal to improve your brand image and make a memorable experience for your customers and employees.

Pick Office Technology That Enhances Your Desired Brand Image

How do you want your customers to perceive your business? For example, if you want to be viewed as reliable and trustworthy, you might want to consider using technologies that convey a sense of security. A good way to do that is by installing biometric access to devices, security cameras, and smart locks. If you’re tech-focused and energy-efficient, set up smart lighting and cooling systems in your office. Whatever brand image you’re trying to project, make sure that your technology is high-quality, current, and easy-to-use.

Provide a Remarkable Experience to Your Guests

If you’re serious about offering a stellar service to your guests, use workplace technology that can enhance their interactions with your business. You can do that by providing wi-fi and device plug-ins in your reception and conference areas. If you want to impress prospects and new clients, equip your huddle spaces and meeting rooms with the latest technology – such as a wireless presentation solution, interactive whiteboard, smart video conferencing camera, etc.

Use Technology to Keep Your Staff Productive

Happy employees are your brand’s top ambassadors. They are your company’s extension. When your employees have a positive work experience, they are likely to share it around, and as you may already know, words travel quickly. For you to create that sense of happiness among your people, make sure you provide them with office equipment that will keep them productive. These may include top-of-the-line computers, multifunction printers, and efficient mobile scanning solutions. Investing in premium collaboration tools and email management systems is also a wise idea.

Invest in Your Company’s Visual Assets

One element that can make a huge difference with your company image are your printed materials. This includes brochures, leaflets, business cards, direct mail postcards, flyers, posters, and more. They are an essential part of your business’ marketing and advertising assets. Not only because they can help establish your brand, but more often than not, they are the first encounter a potential client or customer has with your brand. High-end printed materials allow you to bring the aesthetic qualities of font, color, images and texture to life. It also shows your professionalism and respect to your customers.

If you want to convey the right message and leave a lasting impression to anyone who comes across your business, invest in a high-quality printer. Not sure what kind of printer to purchase? We can help!

How Can Wireless Printing Increase Productivity

Print technology has improved significantly and in many homes and offices, wireless printing is becoming the norm. Here’s how wireless printing can benefit your employees in terms of their productivity.

How can wireless printing increase productivity

Save Precious Time

As long as the printer remains within the wireless network range, everyone in the office can use it – may they be on another floor or building. Your employees can focus on their tasks and print an important document at the same time without having to leave their seats.

Furthermore, everyone can send their documents at once and the printer will keep them organized in its queue until their files are up for printing. They only have to walk to the printer once all documents are printed out. Having a printer in a centralized location not only eases accessibility, it also increases office efficiency.

Reduce Cost and Space

You can have one wireless printer for the whole office. If your business occupies three floors in a building, you don’t have to buy a printer for every floor since a wireless printer works as long as it is within the network range. This alone is already a huge money-saver since you cut down the cost of buying new printers as well as replacement ink and toner cartridges.

Because wireless printers don’t have to be next to your computer, you can set it up in its own space away from other office machines, without having to install cables and connectors. You only need a power cord to connect the device to a power source. Not only you save money, you also reduce noise in workspaces and the potential hazards that come with too many cables.

Brings Flexibility

Wireless printers are compatible with several file types such as MS Office documents. They also support cloud storage and file sharing. There are apps and other cloud printing services that suit every wireless printer manufacturer so you can maximize your printing tools.

Some of the best wireless printers could let you print from the internet to your printer even if you are accessing it outside the workplace. In other words, wireless printing offers flexibility and convenience to virtually anyone who needs it. Most importantly, in a workspace with multiple users, its flexibility can make printing much simpler.

Print On the Go

One of the biggest benefits of wireless printing is that you can print from your smart phone, tablet or even a camera with built-in WiFi. This means that you can print even when you are moving, no need to stop whatever you are doing just to be able to print a document out. You can work on other tasks while sending a document for printing from your device to the wireless printer. This is especially helpful when you are in a rush.

What’s even better is that wireless printing comes with multiple functions (e.g. copying and scanning) and features (e.g. color modes, previews and quality levels) that you can access even from your mobile devices. This way you can scan and print exactly to your requirements, giving your business the results it needs.

Wireless printers are designed for busy, productive people in mind. If you think it’s time to switch to wireless printing, get in touch with our team so we can help you set up the right printing solution for your business’ needs.

7 Quick Tips for Improving Workplace Productivity with Technology

Becoming productive in the workplace can sometimes be difficult. After all, there are so many distractions in the office that can affect our attention span. However, by equipping your employees with the most useful and advanced tools and systems available on the market, you can help boost their productivity.

7 Quick Tips for Improving Workplace Productivity with Technology

Here’s how you can use technology to empower your workforce.

Make it Easy to Collaborate

Whether in the office or out, effective collaboration between your people and customers is a guaranteed way to improve productivity. There’s a myriad of online tools with easy-to-use features that inspire teamwork and collaboration. Examples are Asana, Trello and Slack. Explore and try free versions and then pick out the best tool that suits your needs.

Remember to Use the Phone

It doesn’t always make sense to go back and forth in email chains and chat messages when you can pick up the phone and answer inquiries straightaway. This could mean making your phone system work regardless of where your employees are. Having one phone number that can ring on multiple devices is a surefire way to get issues taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Connect on the Cloud

Instead of using physical equipment in an office, the cloud is a good place for storing documents and data remotely. Since projects on the cloud can be easily managed and accessed, your team can stay in touch and work collaboratively on the most up-to-date version of files – anytime and anywhere.

Consider Instant Messaging Channels

Rather than take those long walks across the office, why not use modern instant messaging platform for faster and easier communication. Not only can you ask questions whenever you feel like, you can also get answers instantaneously. Through IM platforms, losing or not seeing an email is no longer an excuse. Messaging platforms are great for asking quick questions, sharing drafts, and even collaborating as a team in group channels. Messaging platforms can eliminate some meetings, which can be real productivity killers.

Allow Flexible Working

By providing your team with portable devices such as laptop and tablet, they can be mobile and agile. Installing these devices with appropriate tools, your employees can stay in touch with colleagues and clients even when they’re on the field or out of normal working hours. This flexibility can increase team morale and, thus, improves productivity.

Use Up-to-date Computers

Your employees cannot be productive if they’re suffering from slow, poorly performing computers. By giving them modern computers or updating computer software whenever necessary, you greatly boost their efficiency. Having a fast internet connection can also do wonders to the productivity of your people.

Don’t Forget the Printer

Mind you, printers are indispensable office equipment even in a digital world. The latest printing and multifunction devices can enhance efficiency and productivity levels in your office by allowing your team to search within scanned documents, print from mobile devices, and reduce paper copy redundancies. And because of their advanced functionality, your team can access cloud tools directly from printers and multifunction devices with ease. Plus, modern printers work just like you would expect a smartphone to work, so less training is required for new users.

At Caltronics, we can help you increase workplace productivity with the right printing solutions. Contact us about out Managed Print Services, Scanning Soltutions, Network Faxes, and more.