st patricks day printables

St. Patrick’s Day Printables to Hang Around the Office

Decorating the office for particular holidays is a great way to help improve collaboration and teamwork within the office culture without adding any undue stress. And with so many holidays throughout the year, it’s easy to always have a new fun project for those who like to be creative. If your office has a great multi-function printer from Konica Minolta or HP, you don’t even have to spend money going to the store to print out decorations. They can all be done in the office with the supplies you already have. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, let’s look at some great examples of printables that you and your coworkers can print to hang around the office. Happy decorating!

st patricks day printables

  1. If you are looking for traditional shamrock printables, The Balance has collected a wide variety of free options that you can print from your Konica Minolta MFP with great detail. They feature printables small and large, from banners to pennants, posters, and many more.
  2. If your office is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day celebration and inviting kids to join, there are plenty of holiday-themed printables to help keep the day exciting for the kids. This site has a number of great coloring pages, crafts, and other fun ideas for entertaining them that can be printed straight from your office.
  3. Hallmark also offers a number of free printables that include both awesome designs you can hang around the office and fun puzzles and word searches with the St. Patrick’s Day theme.
  4. And you don’t have to just focus on hanging things up. There are plenty of other great printables to put on desks and to wear. Some examples are shamrock name badges and cards.

Trying to create a celebratory spirit around holidays may not seem easy when budgets are tight and expenses need to be kept at a minimum. But with a top of the line printer and Caltronics’ team of experts helping you, you can have the best looking holiday-themed office in the building without any extra costs.

How to Create Unique, Professional Documents Without the Hassle

Printing is a necessary but oftentimes cumbersome process for countless offices. On the surface, it should be simple enough. However, if you expect any sort of creative license when it comes to how the printer is used, for instance different colored inserts, various sizes of paper, bindings, etc., it can start getting really difficult. Some printers simply can’t handle the incredible demand of modern day offices. And even when you have a great MFP (multifunction printer) like those offered from Konica Minolta, you may still not be capable of running them properly yourself. This is where production print workflow from Caltronics comes in.


A Better Way to Print

Caltronics Business Systems has decades of experience helping simplify and modernize office technology. With production print workflow, you will get this expert experience and customer service on your side to help ease the printing demands that your office taxes the print environment with. Production print workflow describes the way that all of the printers, copiers, and scanners interact, along with the various computers that send information to be printed. Caltronics can help get your print environment to a point where it can handle the heavy workload that your office demands.

Just because you want to use your multi-function printer to its fullest capacity should not mean that you need to lose productivity and efficiency. Caltronics can help ensure that this does not happen, and will get you the right technology and software in order to give you a leg up on other businesses. You will also get help monitoring usage so that you can better understand what exactly your print needs are and how you, with the help of Caltronics, can better ensure that these needs are being met, whether through improved training of users in your office or getting better technology that is needed. Regardless of your office needs and no matter how complex your print jobs are, Caltronics Business Systems can improve your print workflow and make your office more productive. Contact them today to learn more about production print workflow and how it can benefit your business.

Printable Valentines and Valentine’s Decorations for Your Office

Who didn’t enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day as a kid, when the classroom would be decorated and everyone would excitedly exchange cards and candy? Why should this type of Valentine’s Day fun be restricted to the classroom? It doesn’t have to be! As adults, we tend to see Valentine’s Day as a holiday solely restricted to lovers, but this is a waste of a great excuse to bring some smiles and fun to the office during the doldrums of February.


There are plenty of ways to decorate and celebrate this fun holiday with everyone in the office. With a great multi-function printer from Caltronics, you can print a wide variety of great Valentine’s Day decorations to hang around the office, as well as Valentines to give to your coworkers, right from your desk! And you get bonus points for attaching candy to the cards that you make or just putting some on their desks (just avoid those bland candy hearts). Below are some examples of decoration ideas and cards to get you started.

  1. DIY Network offers a variety of free, printable Valentine’s Day banners that you can hang up around the office to make it look very festive for the holiday.
  2. If you are looking for some funny, sarcastic, business-related Valentine’s Day cards to give your coworkers, try these examples here.
  3. The Huffington Post has a great collection of heart-centric Valentine’s Day decorations that come in a wide variety of colors and designs, including superhero hearts and printables that can even be poster-sized.
  4. Here is another great bunch of humorous Valentine’s Day cards for your coworkers. If you have a coworker who dresses a little too casually at times, this one might be perfect for him.
  5. You can also use a good MFP to create labels and other crafts in order to make unique gifts, like a mason jar filled with candy.

By using variable data printing, a service offered from Caltronics Business Systems, you have an even wider array of ways to personalize Valentine’s Day cards and make the Valentine’s Day decorations truly unique to your office.

8 Inspirational Quotes to Hang Up in the Office

There is nothing worse than an office with blank, sterile white walls. One of the best ways to give the office a little more life is to hang up inspirational quotes. Below are eight examples of popular quotes that can inspire your office. We’ve even made some of the quotes into some beautiful print-worthy images for you.

  1. “Be better than you were yesterday”1.jpg

Everyone could use this inspiration reminder. Instead of focusing on what wasn’t done yesterday and dwelling on it, it is much more productive and beneficial to focus on how to make it better today.

  1. “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill

Innovation is the key to progress and success in any field. It’s a good message in an office to continue to think outside of the box and not just stick with what always works.

  1. “Think Big”

This one is short and sweet, but it is an important reminder to not get comfortable with your way of thinking. There are always better ways to get things done.

  1. “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”2

This quote is an important reminder that your beliefs can really affect your actions. If you believe you can do something and tell yourself that, you can truly succeed.

  1. “TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More”

An office is only as productive as it is collaborative. Emphasizing teamwork is essential.

  1. “Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you quit, try.”3

It can be so easy to react without thinking, get defensive when your views are challenged, or just want to stop when frustration happens. But this quote inspires you to take that moment to actually consider what you are going to say or do first. This moment can totally change your action, and will make for much healthier discussion and more a more productive environment.

  1. “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”4-2

A clever, simple quote again emphasizing how success is possible, but it always takes work first.

  1. “Yes, you can”

Another short, simple quote that says so much. Belief in yourself and your coworkers is what makes an office successful.

Improve Your Office’s Printing and Faxing Efficiency with Caltronics

In order to compete in any industry, you need to be as efficient and effective with your time and your employees’ time, as possible. Caltronics Business Systems offers services and products like network fax systems that can change the way you do business for the better.

Document Management

Caltronics has received numerous awards for their customer service, especially when it comes to their services like document management, scanning and capture. With document management, Caltronics can help you ensure that papers no longer go missing in transit, and they will no longer need to be stored in random boxes within storage containers. The best part is that it does not even require extra hardware to get started. As long as your office has a scanner, whether standalone or part of a multi function printer, you have the ability to start reducing your paper use. Imagine being able to simply search for a document from five years ago online, as opposed to having to go digging through the storage closet and trying to find the right box, hoping that it was properly organized. This search can waste so much time for whoever is searching for it. Time they could be spending actually working.

Another great service that Caltronics offers to improve your office efficiency is network fax systems. The fax machine is one of the most inefficient and wasteful things in your office. Caltronics will connect you with OpenText RightFax to change this. With this service, you will be able to send and receive faxes through your computer instead of the fax machine, saving you time and money.

Staying on top of the newest technological advances to help use office resources more effectively can make huge changes in your office’s efficiency. There has been so much progress in the past decade even, and by missing out on them, you could be falling behind. No matter how big or small your office is, Caltronics can work with you to make important improvements and hardware or software changes necessary in order to get your office even more profitable.

How to Save Time in the Office

Everyone is looking for ways to become more productive and waste less time in the office environment. There are plenty of solutions that do not involve wasteful spending or making any huge changes to your work environment. Below are seven simple ways to save time in the office.


  1. Give yourself some structure.

    It is really easy to waste time when you do not have a structure that keeps you on top of your work. By scheduling planned times to get certain tasks done, you will make sure that you are actually using your time productively.

  2. E-mail the meeting agenda to everyone ahead of time.

    Meetings are a great way to bring minds together, but they can also be a complete waste of time if they are not well planned. Sending the meeting agenda to all of the participants ahead of time will ensure that everyone is coming to the meeting in the right mindset and prepared to focus on the important topics.

  3. Connect your Konica Minolta printer to OneDrive with the bizhub Connector for OneDrive app.

    OneDrive is one of the more popular cloud services, and now you can access and print straight from your MFP.

  4. Partner with Caltronics to get managed print services.

    This will simplify your printer environment for everyone by having the reliable Caltronics behind you ensuring that your printers are being used as efficiently as possible.

  5. Take a break!

    It may seem counterintuitive because a stroll outside is not productive within itself, but it will make you be more productive in the long run. Getting fresh air into your brain and the blood pumping can lead to new ideas and keep you more concentrated when you sit back down.

  6. Log in and print from your email address right on your printer’s display screen with bizhub Connector for Gmail.

    Konica Minolta MFPs become even more efficient when you combine it with your Gmail. It will now take only seconds to print exactly the right documents without having to even leave the printer.

  7. Quickly find and utilize paper templates for simplified printing and copying with the bizhub Paper Templates app.

    This will ensure that you never have to waste time trying to reprint with the correct form or document template.

With these 7 tips (and the help of Caltronics), you can get the most out of your time in the office.

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Are you struggling to keep up with your company’s document workflow? Call Caltronics!

Document workflow should be a key term for anyone who works within the office. How well documents move around the office is integral to how efficiently an office operates. Without proper workflow solutions, documents can be lost, destroyed, or never reach their intended recipient. Caltronics Business Systems has just the solutions for you in order to stop these issues before they ever occur.

There is no doubt that properly managing document workflow is essential, especially when it comes to money. From receipts to payments and invoices, misplacing these documents can cause countless obvious issues. When your customer loyalty is of the utmost importance, losing an invoice or correspondence could harm business. This is why making sure that all documents are easily accounted for and managed is so essential.

Document management scanning is one way that Caltronics can help you feel more secure with your documents. Relying on paper is inefficient and simply does not make sense in today’s world. Nearly everything your business does is most likely online already, such as customer transactions and email correspondences. So why waste paper and money printing everything out when it could be easily and reliably stored?

And not only is digital storing more convenient, but it is also much more secure than filing with paper. You can password-encrypt confidential documents, and only people who are given access can view the documents. This type of ease-of-access for some—but no access for others—is impossible to gain when papers are physically taking up space in an office or somewhere away from the office that is difficult to reach. The space that the documents takes up is also much more cumbersome and costlier than cloud storage as well. You could probably even fit in an extra office space if you were to get rid of all of the old documents that are being stored.

From document management scanning to production print to purchasing your next multifunction printer, Caltronics Business Systems has the solutions and expertise to help your office work at its highest potential every day.