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Are you struggling to keep up with your company’s document workflow? Call Caltronics!

Document workflow should be a key term for anyone who works within the office. How well documents move around the office is integral to how efficiently an office operates. Without proper workflow solutions, documents can be lost, destroyed, or never reach their intended recipient. Caltronics Business Systems has just the solutions for you in order to stop these issues before they ever occur.

There is no doubt that properly managing document workflow is essential, especially when it comes to money. From receipts to payments and invoices, misplacing these documents can cause countless obvious issues. When your customer loyalty is of the utmost importance, losing an invoice or correspondence could harm business. This is why making sure that all documents are easily accounted for and managed is so essential.

Document management scanning is one way that Caltronics can help you feel more secure with your documents. Relying on paper is inefficient and simply does not make sense in today’s world. Nearly everything your business does is most likely online already, such as customer transactions and email correspondences. So why waste paper and money printing everything out when it could be easily and reliably stored?

And not only is digital storing more convenient, but it is also much more secure than filing with paper. You can password-encrypt confidential documents, and only people who are given access can view the documents. This type of ease-of-access for some—but no access for others—is impossible to gain when papers are physically taking up space in an office or somewhere away from the office that is difficult to reach. The space that the documents takes up is also much more cumbersome and costlier than cloud storage as well. You could probably even fit in an extra office space if you were to get rid of all of the old documents that are being stored.

From document management scanning to production print to purchasing your next multifunction printer, Caltronics Business Systems has the solutions and expertise to help your office work at its highest potential every day.


Do you know how much your office is printing?

You may be concerned about the amount of printing being done by people in the office. But how can you possibly keep track of how many pieces of paper are going through the printer daily, let alone by whom each time. Even someone who can keep perfect track of how many reams of paper and packs of toner have been purchased will not be able to accurately track printer usage without a lot of effort. Thankfully for offices like these, there is Caltronics Business Systems. Through managed print services  and countless other great services and products available, Caltronics can revolutionize the way that you track your printer’s usage.

Managed print services mean that Caltronics works with you to keep track of printer usage. You will get detailed information on how often consumables including paper and toner were used, what type of jobs they were used for, how often copies, scans, faxes, etc. were made, and much more.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is a revolutionary technology that is offered on the highest-quality Konica Minolta brand multi-function printers that are offered and serviced by Caltronics Business Systems. Variable data printing allows users to easily print out documents with similar formatting but each with unique pieces that are easily created and taken care of by the printer itself. For instance, if you need to print invoices for all of your clients with their unique addresses on them, variable data printing cuts down on the steps it takes to transfer all of the different names and numbers onto the template invoice.

This saves a ton of time for any office that handles invoices, marketing, mailing, and more. Variable data printing can also help cut down on your amount of printing by reducing printing errors while trying to print a large load with a lot of unique names or other variables. You will no longer have to run back and forth from the printer and your desk to make sure that everything is printing properly. The Konica Bizhub touchpad lets you take care of the job right on the printer itself.

Upgrade Your Personal Office Printer Today

There is a lot of fuss and excitement over the new multifunction printers and copiers found in nearly every office that can afford to upgrade; and for good reason. These new MFPs, like Konica Minolta models available from Caltronics, have capabilities that older copiers did not, and they can also help an office become more environmentally friendly and save money by easily managing toner and paper usage in order to better fit the needs of the company while also ensuring that more attention is paid to waste.

Personal Printers in the Office

But not every office needs one giant multifunction printer. And there are many individuals who work in offices but require their own printer in their office, whether it is for the ability to immediately retrieve something or because they feel more comfortable printing confidential documents from their personal printer. Whatever the reason, if you are a user of a personal printer, you know how essential it can be to your daily work. You need one that is reliable from print to print. Some will wait until their printer literally will not print a page before investing in a new one, even if it’s been sputtering, printing unevenly, jamming, etc. for weeks and weeks.

Caltronics Carries Your Next Printer

Caltronics Business Systems is a certified dealer of HP printers and offers a wide array of HP printers that are compact and work great for those who need to upgrade their personal printer in their office or place of business. These printers come with a variety of different options that can help you narrow down your choices.

Do you expect a printer that can connect wirelessly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Do you need a printer that can also scan images to email? Do you need a printer that can print in black and white or color? Does pages per minute matter to you? Whatever needs you have, you can bring them to Caltronics, and they can help you find exactly the right personal printer for you and anyone else in your office who may need one.

Variable Data Printing

If you or your office has ever had to send a mass mailing out for any reason, you know how much of a lifesaver mail merging is. Allowing you to print the same document or letter with every address on a list, instead of having to manually create individual documents for each address, saves countless hours. But with variable data printing, you can take your mail merge capabilities to the next level.

Variable data printing can benefit nearly any office, from marketing and customer relations to those in government and the medical field. And if you want a business that can get you started with variable data printing, learn more at Caltronics Business Systems.

Printing Beyond Mail Merging

Variable data printing can do much more than what’s normally covered under the term “mail merge.” With mail merging, you can change the address/name fields in a document, but the other information remains the same from print to print.

With variable data printing, you can personalize each document so much more. You can change more parts of text, and even images and secondary parts of the document, to make each print feel unique without needing to continually change it manually for each print; the printer can do all that work for you.

Why Your Office Needs Variable Data Printing

Say, for instance, you work in a medical office, and you want to send all the patients reminders of their upcoming appointments. Obviously, you will have a variety of clientele, some families, some children, some adults with no children, some teenagers, etc. With variable data printing, you can not only maintain the same document template while adding the unique addresses, but also give some extra uniqueness to a letter going for a child’s appointment, some different text/images for a teenager, and even more different text and images for an adult. This type of personalization is extremely appreciated by customers and patients, and it will ensure that you have just a little more customer favorability than if you sent out the same letter to every client.

Caltronics offers the hardware (like Konica Minolta bizhub multi-function printers), software, and knowledge that you need to take full advantage of what variable data printing has to offer. Go to www.caltronics.net to view their options.

Maximize Office Efficiency with Caltronics Business Systems

Each office has a myriad of tasks to perform, including storing and filing information, accessing data, developing documents, sending invoices, and creating promotional or informational materials. Normally, these would all require the use of multiple pieces of technology, including scanners, printers, file-management software, and other items. However, by implementing a centralized equipment station in an office’s processes, these tasks and more can be condensed into a unified, streamlined process that eliminates clutter and maximizes office efficiency.

The task of ensuring that this technology is correctly implemented is a complex one at least, and it requires a sound understanding of both information management and the way the office currently functions, not to mention high-quality equipment. With Caltronics Business Systems, this task becomes much easier to manage as third-party experience comes on board to help with implementing the technology needed. Caltronics can help obtain many benefits in the workplace with their consultative approach to implementing business solutions.

Document Access and Workflow

One of the benefits of their business systems is streamlined document access. Once documents are scanned and filed using the latest document capture and filing technology, they become readily available for personnel both in the office and abroad. This system is also much more secure than traditional paper filing, as there is no master copy to risk losing.

Printing Demand

Production and variable-data printing were once processes that required in-depth knowledge of complex procedures. With recent technologies, however, it has become far easier to customize massive volumes of documents and produce all sorts of materials, including booklets, pamphlets, flyers, presentation folders, and so forth.

Faxing and Distribution

Having everything stored electronically in a central hub will allow it to be more easily sent to clients, personnel, and other stakeholders. Faxing is much less expensive with the technologies provided by Caltronics.

Caltronics Business Solutions utilizes a wide variety of technologies to meet specific office needs and goals. These technologies include Konica-Minolta bizhub equipment, HP managed print services, Captaris RightFax servers, and several others. To learn more about how centralized business solutions can help optimize office efficiency, visit the company site at caltronics.net.

All About Document Management

Document management is more than just owning a proper filing cabinet. It depends upon how well things are organized, whether or not they’re readily available, and how well office technology is working. When it comes to office and business solutions, Caltronics Business Systems is the company that can handle all the major problems and more. Since 1975, this company has been the leader in office equipment as well as the business solutions industry. Proper document management is vital to creating a business that runs smoothly, and Caltronics can help streamline document management with their different services.

How to Know You’ve Got A Problem

Filing cabinets, folders, boxes and more are common attempts at organizing large amounts of paper, however, many find that these solutions don’t always hold up. In a business, document management is essential because of all the important information passed through papers between employees and clients. If a business is experiencing filing cabinets crammed with papers, bulging folders, and mountains of labeled boxes filled with papers, they may have a problem. What’s more, if documents are continually being lost, thrown away or otherwise ruined, it could be time to look for a more streamlined solution.

How Caltronics Can Help

As a leading company in office equipment and business tech, Caltronics has a variety of software and technology solutions that will do away with document management problems. They offer document management software, printing and scanning solutions, and are an authorized dealer of state-of-the-art copiers, printers, scanners, and digital print solutions from some leading brand names such as Konica Minolta, HP, Sharp, and more. Customers can shop for high speed digital copiers and printers, color copiers and printers, and other software solutions designed to streamline an office into its best working shape.

Get In Touch Today

This family owned and operated business serves the state of California and owns 10 offices in the Western United States so they can serve their clients both locally and beyond. Don’t let documents get out of hand. Instead, call Caltronics or visit their website at www.caltronics.net to learn even more about how this company can help.